With the popularization and development of the Internet of Things, medical emergency vehicles have gradually entered people’s field of vision as a new type of medical service model. As one of the key pieces of equipment for smart medical vehicles, 4G industrial routers play a crucial role.

Medical emergency vehicles are a new medical service model that integrates medical equipment and information technology. They install medical devices on dedicated vehicles and utilize 4G networks to connect hospitals and patients, enabling remote diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring services. Medical emergency vehicles effectively address issues like unequal distribution of medical resources and difficulties in accessing healthcare, thus improving the efficiency and quality of medical services.

The combination of 4G communication technology and the emergency medical system offers advantages such as high speed and low latency, accelerating the golden hour in prehospital emergency care and widening the pathway to saving lives. Alotcer, as a professional IoT technology application pioneer, has developed the 4G industrial router AR7088H, empowering Singapore’s medical emergency vehicles to embark on a new mode of emergency medical care, achieving true ‘Internet of Things’ in emergency medicine.

medical emergency vehicles with smart informatization
medical emergency vehicles with smart informatization

The application advantages of 4G industrial routers in medical emergency vehicles are as follows

The installation of 4G industrial routers in medical emergency vehicles provides a high-speed network channel for the entire vehicle. Through 4G connectivity and stable signals, onboard doctors can swiftly use emergency medical equipment like electrocardiogram monitors, respirators, and defibrillators. The router facilitates real-time transmission of a vast amount of vital medical information, including medical images, patient vital signs, and medical records, directly to the hospital. This seamless coordination between prehospital and in-hospital settings allows for the swift formulation of rescue plans, preparation before surgeries, and timely notification of patients’ families.

The use of Alotcer industrial router AR7088H in medical emergency vehicles offers the following functional advantages, making these vehicles instrumental in providing comprehensive and continuous care for patients’ health.

1. Data Transmission

Supporting the integration of various medical devices, enabling high-speed communication for medical vehicles, and providing comprehensive pre-diagnosis, in-treatment, and post-diagnosis services for patients. The AR7088H can be used to transmit patient data collected by medical devices to the hospital in real-time, facilitating prompt diagnosis and treatment by doctors. Its low latency feature enhances the efficiency of medical services.

2.Remote Monitoring

AR7088H can meet the remote control and monitoring needs of medical emergency vehicles. The product is supported by Alotcer device management platform, which enables remote viewing, configuration, upgrading, and other maintenance tasks for the equipment.

3.Power Failure Protection

The AR7088H features high reliability and safety with a comprehensive anti-dropout mechanism. In the event of a power failure, the device ensures that parameters are preserved and data integrity is maintained, guaranteeing that no data is lost.

4.High-temperature Resistant Design

Smart medical vehicles typically operate at high temperatures, making it difficult for conventional non-industrial grade routers to sustain stable performance under such conditions. However, the industrial-grade router AR7088H is designed to withstand a wide temperature range and can operate reliably between -35°C to 75°C. The product has undergone testing according to the standards set by the Electronic Science and Technology Institute, ensuring its suitability for most industrial environments.

medical emergency vehicles with smart informatization
medical emergency vehicles with smart informatization
medical emergency vehicles with smart informatization
medical emergency vehicles with smart informatization
medical emergency vehicles with smart informatization

Alotcer Industrial Router AR7088H Product Features

AR7088H Industrial Router 3 LAN Dual SIM Card

1. Supporting SA/NSA dual-mode 5G, providing 4G/5G full-network high-speed internet services, dual SIM dual standby + wired broadband three-channel intelligent redundant backup, ensuring communication security and reliability.

2. Rich interfaces, including 3 LAN ports (1 can be used as WAN), 1 RS232/485 port. Optional GPS, BeiDou, power encryption, public and specialized integration, WIFI, compact size for DIN-rail installation.

3. Supports various VPN protocols such as IPSEC, L2TP, PPTP, openVPN, GRE, GRETAP, DMVPN, etc.

4. Supports standard Modbus TCP, OPC UA/MQTT, Ntrip, and DTU functionalities, compatible with popular IoT platforms such as Alibaba, Huawei, China Mobile, and China Telecom.

5. Operating voltage range of 9-35VDC (power version: 9-60VDC), power consumption is 1.4W in idle state, and 1.9W (at 12V) during communication. Operating temperature ranges from -35 to +75ºC.

The significance of industrial routers/CPE in smart healthcare:

The application of industrial routers/CPE in medical emergency vehicles has brought about significant transformations in healthcare services. Firstly, it enhances the efficiency and quality of medical services by enabling remote diagnosis and treatment, facilitating easier access to medical care for patients. Secondly, it reduces the waste of medical resources and enables their proper allocation. Lastly, it improves the accessibility of medical services, addressing the issue of uneven distribution of medical resources.

The integration of industrial routers/CPE in smart healthcare will have a profound impact on the development of the medical industry. It provides medical devices with high-speed, stable network connectivity, a wide range of connection options, security measures, and means to enhance the efficiency of medical work, thus providing strong support for the realization of smart healthcare. With the continuous development of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology, industrial routers/CPE will play an even more crucial role in the field of smart healthcare.

The significance of industrial routers/CPE in smart healthcare

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