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Full 5G/4G LTE/3G network is used to provide high-speed wireless network for users, and the first choice of high-speed data transmission, such as site parameter / business information / video / picture and so on.




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👉 Here are the top four things to consider when buying Industrial Router.

Configuration of the interface

Generally speaking, two LAN ports and one WAN port basically meet the needs of general users, but some special cases may use more ports. Therefore, when purchasing, you need to determine whether the equipment meets your needs.

Technical Support

Many network technologies such as VPN and port mapping are used. If you are not very familiar with the network, you may encounter such and other problems during use, so we can provide version technology in time.

Very important

Alotcer’s Industrial Router has a built-in hardware watchdog, which can automatically detect and repair any failures.

Networking method

Alotcer industrial routers support wired or wireless various networking methods. Rugged design it can be used as a reliable failover connection or wireless communication in harsh environments.

What are the Industrial Routers Price?

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AR7088H Industrial router

AR7088H Industrial router

AR7088H Industrial router

AR7000 Industrial Router

AR7088H Industrial router

AR7091 Industrial Gateway

OEM Alotcer


All IoT & M2M projects are unique! We recognize this and have implemented numerous hardware and firmware changes to produce customized routers, gateways & modems. If you cannot find what you are looking for in our portfolio, get in touch and we can discuss an entirely custom product to suit your every need. We are in full control of the process from conceptualization to production offering unmatched flexibility for large-scale projects.

  • For more than 10 years we have been providing reliable Industrial IoT & M2M connectivity solutions that are secure and easy to use.

  • We have implemented hundreds of customized projects from the smallest firmware change to full-scale hardware alterations.

  • From the concept to the finished product – we develop everything in-house to ensure maximum quality and efficiency.


Reliability is one of the core focuses while designing devices at Alotcer. Our products are engineered and manufactured with the goal to achieve the best reliability possible.

best reliability
Security of alotcer


Security risk tests are performed constantly on all Alotcer devices and all products are periodically updated to eliminate any breaches in order to assure the highest level of security.

Easy to Use

Alotcer devices are highly professional however they are very easy to use. The ability to offer products which do not require any special training is one of our strengths.

Easy To Use

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Compact, reliable and durable.

I have been using this router in my car for the last six months. I use it as my main internet source. It’s been great, and easy to set up and use. I lost one of the sim trays, and customer service was easy to deal with and responsive. I love this router and having wifi wherever I am at. It runs on a wide range of voltages so it has no problem running off the car’s electric system. It also handles extreme heat and cold well. I’ve been using Mint and ATT sim cards. I would definitely recommend it.

Edward Kinsjer

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