With the rapid development of the economy, more and more people buy small cars. People’s demand for driving technology training services, driver’s license training has become a popular way to learn a skill. Presently, all domestic driving license exams are completed using an information-based automatic assessment and scoring system, using 5G/4G VPN industrial routers to set up a 4G/5G/APN private network, which enables real-time monitoring, assessment, and scoring of test vehicles on-site by the testing center. It improves the standardization and efficiency of the test and also eliminates illegal bribery and cheating.

The driving test system has more stringent requirements for network reliability, real-time, security, and stability. In order to guarantee strict monitoring and assessment scoring in the test factory, many test centers use Alotcer 5G/4G APN intelligent driving test system solutions to provide stable, secure, and reliable information transmission.

5G/4G VPN industrial router, L2TP VPN, VPN router

5G/4G VPN industrial router

Solution Structure

Solution structure diagram: Public network environment using VPN protocol to transmit video and other data

The public network uses L2TP VPN tunnel network to achieve downward access to in-vehicle devices.

VPN industrial router serves as a bridge for video transmission

Figure 2: Accessing in-vehicle devices using port mapping in a private network environment

Private network using port mapping to access in-vehicle devices

5G/4G VPN industrial router serves as a bridge for video transmission

System Overview

The Alotcer 5G/4G VPN industrial router serves as a bridge for video transmission. The vehicle-mounted device is connected to the wireless module through serial port or network port, and establishes VPN interconnection with the examination center through 4G/5G/APN private network, which realizes the purpose of remote monitoring of the vehicle by the examination center.

Vehicle end: The vehicle-mounted equipment is the terminal part of the subject three test. The vehicle-mounted equipment monitors and manages the real-time information of the test, and is docked with the test center through Alotcer router.

Communication end: Alotcer router establishes VPN channel with test center through the 4G/5G/APN private network.

Backstage: The examination center monitors and analyzes the information and status of all vehicle-installed devices in the front-end through VPN.

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