Modbus IoT Gateways Help Industrial Production

With the continuous development of the industrial industry, enterprises urgently need intelligent solutions based on big data. These solutions are needed to deal with the problems of network operation and maintenance in the industrial environment. Through accurate analysis and intelligent operation, the service level of enterprises can be improved. Reduce business operating costs. The 5G edge computing gateway can meet the needs of users, and it can quickly and stably collect field instrument and program data.

Modbus IoT Gateways Help Industrial Production
Based on edge computing technology, Alotcer’s IoT intelligent industrial gateway AR7091 simplifies the data collection process by providing simple settings, multi-protocol connections, and fast data collection.

Although traditional industrial enterprises already have advanced information management systems such as ERP and MES, their infrastructure is still an “isolated island” problem. Since the operating status of each device is manually recorded, it is inevitable that there will be false positives and false negatives. This makes the production process opaque, making process management and production decision-making more complicated, resulting in a reduced ability to respond to market changes.

Therefore, the most urgent task for traditional factories to achieve intelligence is the interconnection of equipment and data collection:

Application of edge IoT gateway in power grid
Alotcer AR7091 completes the data collection of the industrial production line, uploads it, performs edge computing, and then transfers the data to the main database.

Using the 5G edge computing gateway can realize the interconnection and data collection of multiple devices. Through the real-time and uninterrupted collection, detection, and analysis of production equipment, the production process is “transparent”, so as to achieve the purpose of lean production.

As a result of the recurrence of COVID-19, management within the factory is the most critical issue at the moment. For example, for biotechnology companies, customs, and other special industries, Alotcer can carry out real-time data management on key equipment, and from the cloud platform, all equipment operation status can be seen clearly, leading to lean production and reducing infection risk.