5G Industrial IoT Gateway CPE is an intermediary in the architecture of the IoT system between the perception network and the network. Ability to connect between WAN and LAN. In addition, the gateway must also have the capability of device management. Through 5G, it can manage each sensing node at the bottom layer, understand the relevant information of each node, and remotely control it.

architecture of the IoT system

Why 5G Industrial IoT Gateway CPE is particularly important in IoT applications?
IoT gateways are important devices that connect sensors to the Internet. The use scenarios for sensors vary widely, and the technical requirements for sensor networks are different, so different technologies need to be adopted differently. Gateway hardware platforms and sensor network protocols may take various forms. The 5G IoT gateway integrated through the IoT gateway middleware will provide a variety of gateway forms.

At present, the sensor network is roughly divided into wired sensor access and wireless sensor access according to the scene. Wired is mainly a variety of industrial field buses, including RS485, CAN, Ethernet/IP, ControlNet, LonWorks, etc., whose physical interfaces and protocol stacks are inconsistent. As a result, different gateway devices are needed in the existing network, fragmenting the factory network and complicating its maintenance.

Wireless networks are classified according to distance, including short-distance local area network protocols and long-distance LPWA protocols. Personal area network protocols such as Zigbee, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc., are characterized by short transmission distance, high bandwidth, and high power consumption. LPWA protocols such as LoRaWAN, LTE-M, NB-IoT, and the 5G technology under study are characterized by long transmission distances, low bandwidth, low power consumption, and a large number of supported terminals.

The 5G industrial IoT gateway CPE is compatible with the above IoT protocols. It can deal with problems such as equipment protection in extreme environments such as industrial sites and outdoors, as well as power consumption issues at a low cost. It can provide personalized and comprehensive IoT solutions for different scenarios.

Why 5G Industrial IoT Gateway CPE is particularly important in IoT applications

How to choose the right 5G industrial IoT gateway CPE?
Industrial 5G IoT gateways connect IoT devices, sensors, devices, systems and the cloud. By connecting systems on-site and in the cloud, it provides solutions for local processing and storage, as well as automatic control based on sensor data. By converting the protocol between the sensing network and the communication network, it can also handle different types of sensing networks. Both wide-area and local-area connections can be realized.

Industrial 5G IoT gateways connect IoT devices

The industrial gateway also has the function of device management. This function can manage each sensing node at the bottom layer, understand the relevant information of each node, and realize remote control. It can be widely used in smart computer rooms, smart light poles, smart agriculture, smart transportation, smart parks, smart schools, smart cities, smart hospitals, and other industries.

The design of the industrial gateway is only a part of the Internet of Things technology, and the needs of different industries are different. It is recommended to choose a brand that cooperates with leading technology. Alotcer is a professional provider of M2M, IoT communication products and solutions. Worthy of your trust!