PLC remote monitoring

Functions available through 5G industrial PLC gateway
1. Remote control for remote industrial field equipment.
2. Realize remote upgrade of equipment firmware and download of programs, such as inverters, servers, and remote download of various instruments and instruments for program monitoring and remote debugging.
3. Realize remote programming of industrial site PLCs, debugging of machinery and equipment; realizing remote control of industrial site touch screens, supporting PLCs and touch screens with Ethernet interfaces, PLCs and touch screens with USB interfaces, and touch screens with serial ports; realizing remote mapping of industrial site configuration screens with industrial Ethernet gateways.
4. Realize the LC brand, including Siemens, Mitsubishi, Omron, Schneider, Delta, and Huichuan PLC; flexible access to a wide range of equipment management platforms, with high compatibility.
5. 5G industrial PLC gateway for remote communication with multiple PLCs or touchscreens simultaneously.
6. Support PLC remote monitoring, PLC remote debugging, PLC remote download, PLC remote control, PLC data acquisition, PLC remote communication, support industrial PLC gateway remote download and maintenance.
7. Support a variety of industrial control protocols, support multiple network ports, support serial port connection

Alotcer provides 5G industrial PLC gateways with standard common interfaces such as PLC, network, and serial ports. These gateways can instantly connect to PLC controllers of various industrial equipment and have open data programming interfaces, which require no programming and are easy to configure.

 5G industrial PLC gateway

AR7091 5G Industrial IoT Gateway/Industrial CPE
1. 5G all-networking, Gigabit network port, 2.4/5G dual-band WIFI, and dual-mode 5G dual SIM dual standby options.
Provide python environment to meet the needs of independent secondary development applications, flexible expansion
2. Support MQTT protocol and Huawei/Ali/Telecom/Mobile mainstream IOT IOT platform
3. Meet the industrial control OPCUA protocol and MODBUS protocol conversion
4. Powerful VPN networking function, PPTP, L2TP, OPENVPN, IPSEC, GRE, GRETAP
5. Advanced security protection, support SPI firewall, VPN traversal, access control, URL filtering, VLAN, and other functions.
6. Wired + dual-mode 5G + VRRP hotlink backup, financial-grade communication link redundancy design.
7. Support special applications such as national grid public-private integration, hardware encryption, network encryption, etc.
8. High-performance power-grade system solution, providing strong edge computing power, measured to meet -40~+80ºC application scenarios.
9. Powerful cloud management platform and remote operation and maintenance system make project operation easy and fast.

There are two options if you want to communicate between different brands of PLCs
First, use a communication protocol that is compatible with both, comparing the Modbus protocol, which is more widely used today.

Second, use the gateway module to convert one of the protocols to the other supported protocol.
For example, Siemens uses PROFIBUS-DP, AB uses CONTROLNET protocol, the two protocols are different, then you can use the gateway module to convert the DP protocol to CONTROLNET protocol.

Alotcer’s 5G industrial PLC gateway can remotely collect PLC data, do remote maintenance and upload and download programs, with edge computing and protocol parsing functions. It is a good tool for building industrial IOT system and industrial application software.