The 5G era is coming
At present, 5G technology is at a critical stage of rapid development. According to statistics from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, by the end of May 2022, China had built 1.6 million 5G base stations. In addition, there are more than 413 million 5G mobile phone users, and more than 20,000 5G application cases. It is currently the country with the largest 5G network and the largest number of users in the world. With China’s 5G IoT industrial cellular gateway, the country’s industrial upgrading is accelerating.

At present, many departments such as the National Development and Reform Commission have put forward positive signals to accelerate the construction and innovative application of 5G. It is understood that the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and other relevant departments will appropriately advance the construction of 5G and other digital infrastructure in the next step, and seize the critical period for the large-scale application of 5G, focusing on the three major areas of new information consumption, the real economy, and people’s livelihood services, to promote 5G empowerment. Can do all kinds of industries. The wide application of 5G IoT industrial cellular gateways in thousands of industries has accelerated the development of the Internet of Things and plays a major role in this.

The 5G era is coming. Policy documents such as the “14th Five-Year Plan for Information and Communication Industry Development” and “The 14th Five-Year Plan for Digital Economy Development” have been issued successively. “The 5G Application “Sail” Action Plan (2021-2023)”, and “East Digital” Major national projects have also been launched, including “Western Calculation”. Accelerate the promotion of 5G and provide all-around assistance for the construction of digital China.

In the face of the development of 5G and the digitalization requirements of the entire industry, there must be not only technological progress but also partners in the entire industry chain to share the benefits of digital. Alotcer 5G industrial cellular gateways will be continuously and stably updated to improve their application scenarios and provide industry partners with better products and end-to-end services.