With the rapid development of large and medium-sized cities and the influx of population, the demand for production and living is also increasing day by day, and heat sources are also divided into heating and industrial heating, both of which are very important. To realize the real-time monitoring of heat pipes, ensure the safety of people’s lives and properties to the greatest extent, and reduce the environmental pollution caused by heat energy consumption, to prevent problems before they happen, it is recommended to use 5g LTE industrial IoT gateway for online monitoring.

Online Real-time Monitoring of Heat Pipes

Analysis of the working process of Heat Pipes on-line monitoring
On-site data collection: front-end data collection and monitoring, including flow meters, temperature sensors, solenoid valves, etc.

Network transmission: Alotcer 5G industrial IoT gateway AR7091 is connected to the data collection terminal, and uploaded to the background management and monitoring center through the 5G network module to facilitate data transmission and backup.

Datacenter: The server stores and displays the data received from the front end, and the monitoring center conducts real-time analysis, arrangement, establishment, management, maintenance, etc. of the reported data.

Why IoT Gateway AR7091?

5G edge computing gateway
1. AR7091 has wireless configuration and upgrade capabilities, even if you can’t go to the site, you can also operate it conveniently, which facilitates your work.
2. It supports cloud assistant and device line, which provides excellent convenience for operators to realize remote maintenance and management control.
3. The built-in hardware monitoring chip can automatically repair the abnormality of the equipment;
4. The pulse detection mechanism of the LCP link-layer realizes the real-time data interaction with the base station;
5. Support DCUDP, DCTCP, and other pulse detection mechanisms to meet unattended requirements.