5G Smart IoT Gateway: 4 functions to protect mine safety

In order to monitor the landslide risk in real-time and ensure the safety of the mine, it is necessary to expand and integrate the existing technical means and establish a mine real-time monitoring system. The 4 functions of the 5G smart IoT gateway supplement and expand the real-time monitoring of mine safety, protecting the safety of personnel and equipment in the mine.

Solution overview:

The Intelligent IoT gateway 5G CPE can obtain the change characteristics of the data in real-time, transmit the monitoring results to the monitoring center in real-time in a wireless manner, and compare the monitoring results with the ground monitoring information such as rainfall, displacement, settlement, the internal stress of the rock formation, and stress of the support structure. Combined with the use of special computer data analysis software, the overall stability of the slope can be judged, and predictions can be made quickly, such as the prediction of disasters such as collapses and landslides, to monitor the occurrence of disasters more accurately and effectively, and to protect geological Safety provides a reliable basis.

Introduction to the 4 Functions of Gateway

5G edge computing gateway
1. Real-time data monitoring: Realize the map display and viewing of online monitoring, including the quick query display of monitoring equipment, monitoring data display, alarm status display, and real-time display of monitoring data curves. Through the display function of the main interface of the system, you can view the equipment The real-time monitoring of the slope’s structural changes, rainfall, and slope displacement.

2. Timely alarm: Through various types of sensors arranged inside and on the surface of the slope, relevant data such as slope deformation, settlement, displacement, soil moisture content, and weather can be obtained. It is transmitted to the relevant software system to realize all-around real-time monitoring of the entire slope. When the data exceeds the upper limit of the alarm, it will automatically issue different levels of alarm information based on the early warning data. Once the monitored real-time data reaches the preset alarm threshold, an alarm message will be automatically generated, and an early warning will be sent automatically by graded and divided personnel, so as to gain more time for the prevention of slope deformation and reduce the possibility of disasters; mine slope management Personnel and technicians can view and manage the health status and historical changes of the project in real-time through various methods such as computers and mobile phones, and perform slope safety management and maintenance efficiently and conveniently.

3. Support external video remote monitoring: For real-time video monitoring of mine slopes, users can see the live video images in real-time from the monitoring terminal, and at the same time control the live camera lens and pan/tilt through software, and adjust the aperture size and focal length as needed Far and near, zoom height and video angle, etc., meet the user’s needs for monitoring multi-directional video images on site, and ensure the safe operation of high mine slopes.

4. Convenient operation: support external LED display, used for parameter setting, manual number setting, installation and debugging, status display, and other functions, as well as serial port configuration methods. Support multiple working modes (including self-reporting, querying, compatibility, etc.) to minimize power consumption.