Traditional external wireless router applications

Disadvantages: separation type, large size, high cost
Alotcer AD7028H wireless module embedded industrial router

Alotcer AD7028H wireless module embedded industrial router

Alocter AD7028H Embedded Industrial Router Application

With the rapid development of the Internet of Things and the high standard requirements for hardware specifications, multi-protocols, and low costs, the Alocter AD7028H embedded wireless module came into being. The AD7028H bid farewell to traditional wireless router applications with its flexible embedding characteristics, and will be more flexibly applied Various industries have realized the effect of integration of terminal applications and networks, which has improved customer experience and won the market with its low power consumption and low cost.

Alocter AD7028H Embedded Industrial Router Application

Embedded features
Pin expansion, interface form is 30 pin 2.54mm pitch double row socket
Serial port type, UART, RS232 / RS485
Dual network ports (WAN / LAN, LAN)

Embedded Industrial Router Application

AD7028H Embedded Industrial Router

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Industrial Router Application

Alocter embedded wireless router

Alocter embedded wireless router

  •  Distributed DTU core routing board for power distribution network
  •  5G / 4G / wired seamless connection, support wired and wireless channel hot backup
  •  Dual serial ports, dual network ports, meet the power 101/104 power regulations
  •  Low power consumption, low cost, small size, flexible expansion of multiple pins
  •  State Grid hardware 101/104 two-way encryption, electric GPS / Beidou positioning
  •  Support PPTP / L2TP / GRE / IPSEC and other VPN connections
  •  Support MQTT / Ntrip / Mobile M2M / Ali IOT and other protocols
  •  Support Alibaba Cloud network penetration to meet system remote operation and maintenance services
  •  24-hour non-intermittent work to ensure smooth communication links
  • High specification industrial design, 4 ~ 5.5VDC wide voltage, -35 ~ + 75ºC cold and high temperature resistance, anti-interference