After full market research and strict quality testing, our company officially released 4G industrial router in October, has been stable supply to the cooperation of customers, to the new customer distribution prototype test, the equipment perfectly withstood for two months of use and testing The following are some of the customer’s equipment usage feedback:

Industrial router

Guangzhou customers: 4G router is used in self-service milk machine, before using the 3G routing, an increase of some 4G router cloth found faster information updates more timely, stability, there is no exception found, which is more satisfied, The latter will increase the use of 4Grouter.

Guangxi customers: the project is used in the bank ATM machine, need IPSEC and other VPN support, this attempt to use the next 4G router as a data channel, to meet the demand.

Yunnan customers: before using 3G to do video transmission, can only stream down to 1M or less, try to use the 4G industrial routing, the speed up, the network signal strong place can pass 5,6M high-definition video, and believe that later This application will be more and more.

Shanghai customers: the project is used in the smart express cabinet, before using another home 3G equipment, this time to get your 4G router for the prototype test, the effect is better than 3G, but the price is more expensive than 3G, Our company is still discussing the discussion.

Harbin customers: equipment is used in the pipeline data transmission above, the temperature is our most worried about the problem, and now it is already very cold, but after these days of field verification should be no problem, follow-up will continue to cooperate.

Chengdu customers: the project used in the illegal capture system, before the use of 3G equipment, and now try to use the 4G, the effect is clearly a lot better, the current test is no problem, but worry about the summer hot weather here is high, whether Can withstand high temperature and heat can only wait for the next summer to see the operation of the equipment.

Quanzhou customers: We are doing car video, the equipment of the earthquake, fast-moving bandwidth guarantee requirements are high, after this time the test can be completely assured, I believe that the future cooperation will be more.