Alotcer 5G Industrial Router for Power loop cabinet

Project background

Due to the dispersion of the distribution network, the communication channel between the loop cabinet and the central control room has become a problem of great concern. In the urban distribution network with complex geographical conditions, the cable is adopted. The communication mode of the optical cable has high investment costs and a long construction cycle. With the development of mobile data service and the rise of 5G technology, its advantages of high bandwidth and low delay lay a good foundation for the application of 5G network in the power distribution system.

GRE TAP topology


GRE TAP topology

How GRE TAP works

The GRE native router ACTS as a server and the remote router ACTS as a client. The WAN IP of the local terminal and the remote terminal is the IP addresses of 5G SIM CARDS, and the CARDS themselves need to be able to communicate with each other. Among them, the IP addresses of terminal devices connected under the LAN port of all routers are issued by the DHCP server of this end, so the functions of all remote DHCP servers need to be disabled, and the LAN segments of all routers should not collide.

After the construction of the tunnel, the IP addresses of all terminal devices are distributed by DHCP of the local router, so all terminal IPs are in the same network segment with the local LAN port, and all terminal devices under the remote and local router can communicate with each other.

GRE TAP configuration instructions

Local configuration:

GRE TAP configuration instruction

To configure GRE TAP to add 5G SIM card IP with remote 1, 2, and 3 requires Telnet to enter the router background first

configure GRE TAP

Login username and password are admin

configure GRE TAP

The configuration instructions are as follows:
ip link add gretap0 type gretap remote local
ip link set gretap0 up
ifconfig gretap0
brctl addif br0 gretap0

ip link add gretap1 type gretap remote local
ip link set gretap1 up
ifconfig gretap2
brctl addif br0 gretap1

ip link add gretap2 type gretap remote local
ip link set gretap2 up
ifconfig gretap2
brctl addif br0 gretap2

* The red part is the remote 5G SIM CARD IP, and the blue part is the local 5G SIM CARD IP. Only the red and blue parts are modified, and other modifications are not required.

Remote 1 configuration:

remote 5G SIM CARD IP

remote 5G SIM CARD IP


Remote 2 and 3 have the same configuration content as remote 1.

After the configuration is completed, the Alotcer Industrial router device is set to automatically obtain the IP address under the LAN segment of the end, or manually enter the IP of the same network segment with the LAN of the end. At this point, all terminal devices can access each other.