The relationship between IoT and 5G industrial wireless embedded routers

Smart technologies represented by the Internet of Things, cloud computing, artificial intelligence and 5G are currently changing people’s way of life and how they interact with the surrounding cities. Although the full value of every connected city is still developing with innovations driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning, smart cities still need to pay attention to and deal with these data security issues when building them. The 3 major issues of Alotcer 5G industrial secure routers The advantages can effectively deal with the security problems of smart cities.

In a smart city ecosystem, there are thousands of IoT devices communicating via a common network infrastructure. For a smart city to be successful, every IoT device must be low-power, high-performance, tolerant of interference, and reliable. 5G industrial secure gateways will freely transfer data between devices and the network infrastructure connecting them.

Alotcer is involved in promoting the development of the Internet of Things in smart cities, from smart lighting and water systems to intelligent traffic management systems and traffic systems, acting as a security line of defense in terms of security.

1. Support power grid hardware encryption, network encryption and other special applications.

power grid hardware encryption, network encryption
Alotcer power encryption routers are based on IPsec VPN encrypted tunnel communication protocol, combined with SM algorithm and 2G/3G/4G/5G wireless communication, to provide hardware-level dynamic encryption data security communication guarantee for power distribution terminal equipment.

The module adopts industrial-grade hardware design and a hard encryption chip reviewed by the State Secret Service, adopts a code-controlled security operating system, supports SM1/2/3/4/5 algorithms, and can realize two-way equipment authentication between the master station and the terminal and encryption of data transmission Function.

At the same time, it supports mobile/telecommunication/unicom, and can adapt to different network environments. The module adopts the “transparent” transmission method of tunnel mode, which has the characteristics of high security, strong compatibility, good stability, and simple configuration.

2. Advanced security protection, support SPI firewall, VPN traversal, access control, URL filtering, VLAN and other functions.

SPI firewall
The router comes with a stateful data detection spi; a stateful packet inspection firewall; in addition to completing the packet filtering work of a simple packet filtering firewall, it also maintains a table in its own memory to track the connection state, which is more efficient than a simple packet filtering firewall. with greater security. Compared with NAT firewall, SPI firewall is more secure. Support power grid cross-domain VPN traversal, access control, URL filtering, VLAN and other functions;

3. Never downtime and long-term online.

watchdog long-term online
Stability is very important for smart cities, so software and hardware watchdog chips are indispensable. A watchdog is actually a counter that can be reset within a certain period of time. When the watchdog starts, the counter starts to count automatically. After a certain period of time, if it is not reset, the counter overflow will generate a reset signal to the CPU to restart the system, so as to achieve the purpose of long-term online without downtime.

Smart cities promise to create value from big data and analytics. However, for every new connection, there is an attacker looking to exploit it. For smart cities to truly deliver on their promises, we should not forget that – as with all infrastructure – safety and security are paramount. 3 advantages of Alotcer 5G industrial secure routers will build the strongest safety net for smart cities. Fully guarantee the security of smart cities and promote economic development.