Alotcer 5G Router for Communication Between Subway and Rail

Project Background:

Alotcer 5G Router for Communication Between Subway and Rail

With the gradual improvement of demand and technology, the urban rail transit signal system is becoming mature. At present, the integration of subway control systems has become the trend of development. In order to achieve the movement block, reduce the subway running interval, so as to improve the system capacity without increasing the hardware investment. The researchers expect such a system to reduce the laying of trackside signal cables, as well as the daily maintenance of the cables (the actual introduction of trackside communication equipment, resulting in corresponding maintenance work) to reduce the cost of implementing automatic control on the subway.


Alotcer 5G Router for Communication Between Subway and Rail

Working Principle

Alotcer Industrial Router in the rail side control center serves as the GRE TAP server, and the Alotcer router in the front and rear of the train serves as the client. The GRE TAP tunnel is set up through the 5G private network at both ends. All terminal devices’ IP is in the same subnet, realizing the second-floor data interaction. Moreover, the advantages of 5G private network are utilized to realize the isolation from the public network and achieve the network characteristics of low delay and high bandwidth.

Tunnel after the establishment by the wireless communication-based train control (CBTC) system, continuous and don’t have to rely on the track circuit, high resolution of the position of detect error value is less than 10 meters), the automatic control system was available for the vehicle and road transport vehicle monitoring information processor, through wireless private network make the continuous between signals, large capacity, a two-way data communications.

System features

Instead of cumbersome cables, wireless communication systems can be used to reduce cable laying and maintenance costs.
5G private network communication, avoid interference and ensure a low delay of data transmission
Two-way communication between vehicle and control center can be realized, which greatly improves the transit capability of train interval.
Information transmission flow is large, high efficiency, fast speed, easy to realize the automatic moving block system.
Easy to adapt to various models, different speeds, different volumes, different traction of the train, strong compatibility.
Information can be classified, sent, and processed centrally to improve the efficiency of the dispatching center.

Alotcer industrial router

Equipment features

Support SA/NSA dual-mode 5G and provide 4G/5G high-speed network service

Double network port, single serial port, double card, WIFI, GPS/ Beidou positioning and communication, Lora, etc

Support double card and double waiting + intelligent redundant backup of wired broadband three-channel, making communication safe and reliable

Support power 101, 104, south network/State network hardware encryption, power 1.4/1.8GHz private network

Support IPSEC, L2TP, PPTP, OpenVPN, GRE, GRETAP, DMVPN, and other VPN protocols

Network routing protocols such as VLAN, RIP, OSPF, and BGP can be optional

Support standard Modbus TCP, OPC UA/MQTT, Ali/Huawei/Mobile/Telecom, and other mainstream IoT platforms

Support practical functions such as Ntrip, VRRP, traffic statistics, black and white list, data flow filtering, DTU, etc

Support customization of original configuration parameters, including equipment name and model, not lost after recovery from factory

Support Alotcer Platform, direct network penetration, and remote access to customers’ own network port or serial port terminal equipment

Support Alotcer equipment management platform, remote check, configuration, upgrade and other operation and maintenance work, 10K+ capacity

High specification software and hardware solution of power level, independent and powerful MCU processor, multi-level guard dog protection, never downtime

The product has obtained the type test certification of China National Institute of Electricity And Technology, the safety encryption certification of China National Institute of Electricity and Technology, the certification of China 3C, and other authoritative institutions

It supports a 5~35VDC wide power range, -40~+80C temperature, interference prevention, 24 hours operation