5G Private Network Wiki

5G private network is a kind of 5G technology-based, through the establishment of a dedicated network, to provide high-quality communication services for vertical industries. With the continuous improvement of the 5G network, the private network has also entered the track of rapid development. Today, let’s learn about 5G related knowledge.

Meet network connection needs
When the industry is undergoing informatization upgrade, they have higher and higher requirements for the flexibility of access modes and network performance. For example, in a typical industrial Internet private network project, many industrial devices must be connected through the network, and a large amount of status information must be collected during the production process. At the same time, due to the increase in production speed, the adjustment cycle of the production line will also be shortened, and new equipment and collection stations will also appear.

The current industrial internal communication network is dominated by wired connections, and the depth and breadth of connections are limited. Many terminal devices cannot provide sufficient network connections, resulting in isolated islands of information. In addition, there are various wireless communication technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ZigBee, etc., which have certain defects in coverage distance, mobility, security, and transmission performance.

On the whole, 5G private network can have significant advantages in meeting the network connection needs of industrial Internet services.

Supports multiple performance configurations
In the early days of the 5G private network, the entire network was lightly loaded due to very little traffic, so the performance advantages of 5G were reflected in various services. After the load increases, the performance of the network will decline, the rate will drop, the delay will increase, and even the network will not be accessible. Therefore, performance allocation and control must be performed according to different services. The 5G private network supports a variety of performance configurations, which users can use flexibly according to their needs.

Mining industry application scenarios
The mining industry has an urgent need to improve the level of intelligence and automation in underground mines. Many 5G private network construction projects have been launched, 100+ 5G base stations have been deployed, and 5G industrial LTE cat6 router AR7091 has been used to support State Grid public-private integration, hardware encryption, and network encryption. and other special applications can help enterprises realize multimedia communication scheduling, remote control of equipment and unattended functions, improving the efficiency and safety of enterprise production.

5G private network is located in the field of integration and innovation of the communication industry and vertical industry. After several years of exploration and practice, its development direction has gradually become clear. There are broad application prospects in vertical industries. Alotcer 5G industrial LTE cat6 router AR7091 supports public-private integration, can connect serial devices, Ethernet devices and WIFI devices at the same time, which can meet the needs of industrial field communication in many scenarios.