August 20, the third day of the 7th Shenzhen International Internet of Things and the wisdom of China Expo in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center kicked off, the exhibition organized by the International Trade Network of Things and Applications, Shenzhen Federation of Media Limited Networking world), Shenzhen Yi letter of the Network Co., Ltd. contractors. As a comprehensive coverage of the entire Internet of things industry chain annual event, Shenzhen International Internet of Things and wisdom China Expo since its founding in 2009, the scale of each year are rising, has now developed into the world’s largest comprehensive networking exhibition, Much attention from the industry!

International Internet of Things Expo
2015 Shenzhen International Internet of Things and wisdom China Expo, is a complete industry chain on the Internet of Things, RFID (radio frequency identification) technology, sensor network technology, short-range communications technology, the latest mobile payment technology, electronic label production solutions, read and write Intelligent, home, logistics, security, personnel, vehicle, military, asset management, clothing, books, home intelligent, intelligent, intelligent, intelligent, and so on. The company is specialized in the development of the latest technology, middleware, City management, environmental monitoring, and other areas of comprehensive solutions and successful application of high-level international event shows.

Alotcer to International Internet of Things Expo
As the first high-level international event to showcase the complete industrial chain of the Internet, the exposition features a series of products, new products, manufacturers to discuss procurement, forum and many other activities, for China and the international Internet of Things industry enterprises A network of manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, application integrators involved in the whole industry chain, display, exchange and discuss the perfect platform for cooperation. At the same time through a wide range of influential propaganda, the organizers also invited a large number of Internet of things major application industry end customers, information service providers, software development integrators at the scene, to achieve both supply and demand to communicate with each other Business Cooperation.

Xiamen Alotcer Communication Technology Co., Ltd. as a member of the Internet of Things industry, always keep pace with the times and the spirit, and multi-party participants to deep-level communication services, learning advanced technology and ideas to express our Of professional equipment, during the fair harvest, the development prospects of things have great confidence and expectations, but also firmly believe that for the development of things to make more contributions.