Distribution Monitoring

With the continuous growth of power users, the number and types of power equipment are rapidly increasing. Traditional manual operation and maintenance, and manual inspection have a long inspection cycle and are prone to leakage, error detection, and other deficiencies. This is because they have not been able to keep up with the needs for intelligent development of the power grid.

To achieve intelligent operation and maintenance, we must explore the use of real-time perception, online monitoring, and other scientific and technological means to achieve efficient construction of operation and maintenance. As an influential node of electric power operation and maintenance, the distribution room has many points, a wide area, and a huge operation and maintenance workload. Therefore, it is of strong practical significance to actively explore intelligent operation and maintenance monitoring solutions and applications for the distribution room.

It has a high-performance power-level system solution for distribution applications, providing robust edge computing power which is measured to meet the application scenario of -40~+80ºC, which is also used to meet the needs of various power grid application scenarios for the interconnection between the sensing layer terminal and the IoT management platform, edge computing, and other functions, as well as a powerful cloud management platform and remote operation and maintenance system, making project operation easy and streamlined.

AR7091 Gigabit Router 5G Edge Computing Gateway

The 5G edge computing gateway provides platform hardware design and edge computing architecture, as well as special applications such as national grid public and private integration, hardware encryption, network encryption, etc. With MQTT protocol and IoT management platform protocol, through remote monitoring and maintenance of equipment, technicians can access off-site equipment at different locations and with different authorities, which greatly improves the monitoring and maintenance efficiency of the distribution network, saves maintenance costs, and provides early monitoring and troubleshooting of the distribution network.

The 5G edge computing gateway supports the python environment to meet the demand for independent secondary development applications, flexible expansion, rich external expansion interface, and low hardware cost and supports current mainstream platforms, which can meet the current demand for 5G edge computing gateway for the smart distribution network.