Energy & Utilities

Your One-stop Solution for Improving Efficiency of the Network of Smart Energy

Alotcer’ Intelligence solutions for energy and utility companies provide powerful capabilities. we help utilities become digital to meet the needs of Energy production. This allows for lower power consumption and lower maintenance costs because production and distribution infrastructure are better connected.

Smart Energy

Urban heating monitoring

Background The number and size are very large for Winter heating supply, so unreasonable and not timely treatment of winter heating problems will have a great impact, the current heating [...]

Water supply network Monitoring

Background The distribution of the pipe network is wide, quantity is large, distance is remote and the traffic is inconvenient. Laying a communication line is difficult, costly, and difficult to [...]

Oil well wireless monitoring

Background Most of the traditional oil field acquisition depends on the timing of the manual inspection to check the data acquisition and operation of the equipment, with the development of [...]

Marine meteorological monitoring solutions

Application background   The marine meteorological monitoring system is a new type of Marine meteorological monitoring equipment developed rapidly with the development of science and technology and the need for [...]