Environmental Protection

Alotcer’ Environmental Protection Solutions Help Customers to Improve the Capability of Decision-making and Controlling. Alotcer wireless Industrial routers and Modem have the advantages of flexible networking, easy expansion, low operation cost, simple maintenance, and high-cost performance. It provides powerful technical support for meteorological monitoring, environmental monitoring.

Environmental Protection Solutions

PM2.5 particles Wireless monitoring

Background PM2.5 has become a buzzword of the news, because it contains large amounts of toxic and harmful substances in the atmosphere and the residence time is long, long conveying [...]

Pollution sources Wireless monitoring

Background The scale and output of national industry are continuously increasing, but the pollution emission problem is becoming more and more prominent. Sustainable development has put forward new requirements for [...]

Noise Wireless monitoring

Background The city's industrial production, construction sites, entertainment facilities, and other facilities generated noise spread in every corner, often causing serious interference and impact on the lives of the vast [...]