Industrial Automation

In the era of industrial 4.0, it is a must to connect various equipment to the Internet for remote monitoring and management, to increase productivity and reduce downtime. Intelligent process control is at the heart of industrial automation, and the internet of things is being used to make these processes even more intelligent. In this field, Alotcer is an expert in helping manufacturers and integrators stay connected with their remote machines, and making the manufacturing smarter.

Industrial Automation

Smart Factory Communication Solution

The smart factory is a new stage in the development of modern factory informatization. It is based on the foundation of digital factories, utilizing the technology of the [...]

PLC Wireless Monitoring Solution

Background  PLC has been widely used in the industrial control industry, the stability of the PLC has been welcomed by everyone, with the rapid increase in the field of PLC [...]

Elevator wireless monitoring

Background With the rapid growth of the economy, high-rise buildings have sprung up, coupled with the presence of the old building, the current elevator tenure and use have been very [...]

Tower crane equipment monitoring

Background At present, a large number of tower crane equipment has been widely used in the construction industry. With frequent accidents have gradually become prominent, and the number of tower [...]

Large equipment remote monitoring

Background With the rapid development of the national economy, the increasing demand for large equipment, and applications in the world, such as industrial boilers, CNC lathes, medical equipment, and [...]