IoT Retail Solutions

While smart retail is making life easier, management of a large pool of devices is a real challenge for their operators. Alotcer IoT Retail solutions, to assist distributed self-service equipment for wireless communication networking, to achieve wireless private network construction, security encryption, device remote maintenance, supply chain management, advertising push and so on, it will provide strong technical support for the operation and maintenance of self-service terminals.

IoT Retail solutions

ATM wireless network

Background With the city life and constantly enriching the financial services industry sync up, it will increase the ATM machine to meet the needs of the people. Because the distribution [...]

Shopping Mall POS wireless network

Background More and more people consumer credit card, credit card is convenient, no need for a large amount of cash. The mall takes the POS machine business, with Alotcer 3G/4G [...]

Rural Bank branch of wireless network

Background The financial development, rural demand for financial services is also increasing, the banks have to increase rural network services. As part of the rural construction and the relatively remote, [...]

Smart express cabinet solution

Background Online shopping has become a habit, express logistics increase at the same time, reduce delivery costs posed and improve the efficiency of delivery is challenging. Smart express cabinets come [...]

Self-service vending machine solutions

Background The self-service vending machines are popular for small size, flexible position and convenient use, self-service machine, self-service milk machine and so on to bring a lot of convenience for [...]

Digital signage wireless network

Background In the hotel, hotels, shopping malls, elevators, waiting rooms find digital signage, provide a close platform for consumers to know the product information, to achieve synchronization and tracking through [...]

Self-service payment machine

Background A self-service payment machine provides great convenience and simple operation for people's daily life. Self-service payment machine and data center network connected by industrial 3G/4G router. Rely on the [...]

Ticket vending machine

Background The self-service ticket machine is widely used with great convenience to people, also greatly eases the airport, train station, bus station, and ticket office pressure. At present not only [...]