Smart Grid Solutions

A smarter grid not only delivers an easier life for utility users, but also frees people from inefficient, redundant manual labor. Alotcer wireless Industrial routers and DTU, high efficiency, flexible laying, stable and reliable, is widely used in every link of smart grid construction,example: power generation, substations, transmission, distribution and utilization.

Smart Grid Solutions

Automobile charging pile wireless Monitoring

Background With the green environmental protection consciousness gradually strengthen, the popularization of new energy vehicles will be the inevitable trend. The automobile manufacturers have developed vigorously promote new energy vehicles, [...]

Wireless remote meter reading solution

Background Manual meter reading workload, low efficiency, and high cost. The system is hard to analyze the distribution of power consumption. Can’t real-time process when metering failure.   Schema Diagram System Overview [...]

Automation of power distribution network

Background Power distribution automation is mainly applied to power grid scheduling, fault monitoring. State and operation data of distribution equipment on the power grid operation is very important. Equipped with industrial-grade characteristics to meet harsh [...]

Transmission line wireless monitoring

Background High voltage transmission lines sometimes need to cross the forest, plateau, extremely cold areas, and so on. The construction is difficult, and the condition monitoring is difficult. The transmission line is [...]