Smart Transportation Solutions

Busy road networks can be more efficiently managed by using IoT Smart Transportation Solutions. Using technologies such as sensors, IoT cameras, Industrial routers and connected devices, accurate real-time data can be collected from remote locations and relayed to a central server. so as to fully protect traffic safety, give full play to the effectiveness of transportation infrastructure, and improve operation efficiency and management level of transportation system.

Intelligent Transportation

Traffic violation snapshot by wireless

​Background The number of vehicles has increased rapidly, and traffic accidents have also increased, so new requirements have been put forward for urban road management. It is feasible to increase [...]

Computer room environmental monitoring

Background With the development of the information society, the number of computer systems increased. The equipment room environment (such as power supply system, UPS power supply, air conditioning, fire protection [...]

Vehicle video wireless networking

Background The popularity of a high-speed 3G/4G network provides a strong foundation for the network video site on the urgent needs of the Department, such as traffic accidents, public [...]

Street lamp monitoring

Background At present, the traditional street lamp management mode has the following characteristics: Power consumption is high, the control mode is not flexible, unable to meet climate change and emergency situations. The need [...]

Parking guidance system

Background Easy to buy a car, parking is difficult, has become the driver saying. Construction of intelligent parking lot guidance system to vigorously optimize the traffic system, make full and [...]

Highway wireless networking

Background The highway monitoring system has a lot of blind-spot monitoring due to the communication line layout. With the Alotcer 5G/4G industrial router mature applications, to achieve real-time video monitoring [...]