Water Conservation Solutions

Installing smart water meters in homes and businesses, integrating smart sensors in water mains and pipes, as well as implementing smart irrigation systems leveraging the Internet of Things technology can allow a new frontier to be opened in water conservation. Smart water solutions are a key feature of smart cities.

Alotcer has a range of durable, easy-to-deploy solutions that are perfect for a range of IoT Water Conservation applications. From Flood control wireless monitoring to farmland irrigation, we have a customizable solution for your needs.

Water Conservation

Flood control wireless monitoring

Background In recent years, with the impact of human activities, the natural environment is getting worse, torrential disasters are more and more frequent, the human life and property caused by [...]

Greenhouse Wireless Monitoring

Background Greenhouse parameters include temperature, humidity, light, soil temperature, soil moisture, leaf CO2 concentration, humidity, dew point temperature, with the collection and analysis of parameters, the greenhouse environment could best meet crop [...]

Wireless monitoring for farmland irrigation

Background It is very important that the global water resources are seriously insufficient, and the rational allocation of water resources for effective farmland irrigation. With the automatic irrigation system in [...]