Digital Signage Application

Digital Signage Application

Alotcer AR7091 5G/4G Router provided a connection for each digital signage application


Seamless site-to-center communications

VPN Server

Maximum security with VPN tunnel


RJ45 Ethernet port for encoder connection

Digital Signage

Through Alotcer industrial wireless Router network, the digital signage application is centralized and managed. The total networking screen can reach 10,000 and info including ads, news, weather forecast, bank exchange rate, notification, etc.

The 3G/4G LTE/ 5G cellular network is the ideal solution for the challenges of digital signage:
1. Remote updates in unattended areas.
2. Refresh the content and generate more ad revenue.
3. Flexible networking without limitation from cable installation.

Why AR7091?

1. 5G/4G, Gigabit Ethernet port, 2.4/5G dual-band WIFI
2. Support MQTT protocol and mainstream IoT platform
3. Meet the conversion between industrial control OPCUA protocol and Modbus protocol
4. Powerful VPN networking functions, PPTP, L2TP, Openvpn, IPSEC, etc.
5. Wired + dual-mode 5G + VRRP three-level link hot backup, financial-grade communication link redundancy design
6. Provide strong edge computing power, measured to meet the application scenarios of -40℃-80℃

AR7091 industrial router gateway

Save Money

Update the advertising content of digital signage from time to time to reduce unnecessary labor costs, design costs and advertising costs

Save you money

Increasing productivity

Improve the connection equipment of digital signage, thereby increasing the volume of advertising business, and business growth is more efficient

Grow Your Business

Easy maintenance and higher safety

One-stop management, cloud storage, cloud maintenance, safe and efficient

VPN channel, safe and reliable

Self-service Kiosk Solution

What We Do

Smart Self-service Kiosk Solution

1. Cost saving: Just install the cameras at the four corners
2. Low cost of maintenance and high space utilization

1. High technology and hard level of machine learning, massive cost when the project beginning
2. High reliability to fast & low latency networks.
3. High requirements for hardware and network capabilities

What We Do

Smart IoT-powered Kiosk Solutions

Wireless solutions make it easy for retailers to conduct business anywhere, which has encouraged many vending and kiosk operators to turn to the Internet of Things (IoT) to help them improve customer satisfaction while increasing revenues and reducing overall costs.

Smart Self-service Kiosk
Smart ATM Solution

What We Do

Fast and Secure Connectivity for ATMs

Alotcer AR7091 router offers high security, reliability and can establish VPN connection that features advanced firewalls and supports a variety of protocols for remote transmission.

The AR7091 offers stable and secure data link for key applications of ATMs. Dual-Sim failover enables the ATM to be connected to different carriers’ links. When the primary link fails, the AR7091 quickly switches to the other to ensure transmission stability. As the financial data transmitted by ATMs is highly sensitive, security is important. The AR7091 supports multiple firewalls and VPN technologies, which protects data transmission.

Our Advantages:
Delivers high-speed, reliable and secure wireless connectivity for your ATM operations

1. Reduce downtime and operation costs for maximize ROI
2. Machine fault location & immediate troubleshooting with reduced onsite visits
3. Easy and cost-effective LTE migration
4. Proven by customers worldwide
5. We are a proud member of


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Used by 100+ customers


95%+positive feedback from 120 customers

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We now have (5) screens in our showroom. Prior to installing them, we posted paper flyers which looked cheap and disorganized. Now we have clean, bright and effective screens to promote specials, events and even play videos. The screens provide a much better customer experience and make our messages pop. I had a few struggles getting two of the screens operational with AR7091 WIFI. I called and emailed Alotcer and they promptly replied and worked diligently to resolve the problems. They even called me to walk me through a few trouble-shooting methods. Very impressed with this customer service and highly recommend the product.



Trusted by Thousands of Customers

Industrial 5G/4G Router for Digital Signage
Alotcer industrial router 5G/4G LTE network is very suitable solution for digital signage

Digital signage is a growing market, mainly because more and more digital signs in our lives are becoming both interactive and digital. From large outdoor signage to touchscreens in stores, information and content become vital components that can be quickly changed and adapted to their content. Content guided by data analysis and trends or specific users. Such a system requires a stable and strong connection.

When digital signage is going to be installed somewhere, it is very important that the connection is stable and secure. Once installed, it is vital that digital signage works uninterrupted, and it is important for maintenance personnel in the market to be able to calculate the stability of the connection in each place, while knowing that the content data is indeed updated to all devices. Here, 5G networks are ideal, contributing to predictable maintenance and operating costs. Feel free to compare these costs with fixed installations and it’s clear that 5G networks are extremely competitive.

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