With the rapid growth of the economy, high-rise buildings have sprung up, coupled with the presence of the old building, the current elevator tenure and use have been very large. Due to the lift the closed, clamping, squatting bottom, red top serious accidents occur frequently, causing a serious impact on the society. Facing this situation, the an urgent need for real-time tracking and understanding the operation of the elevator existing, as much as possible to reduce the occurrence of similar accidents.

At present, a lot of old elevators often get in problems, no normal cycle maintenance.

It will take a long time for the problem to be solved, which will seriously affect the daily life of residents.

The number is large and scattered, routine inspection and maintenance are difficult to perform, and low efficiency.


Schema diagram

Elevator wireless monitoring

System Overview

In the existing elevator control system to increase the industrial wireless Modem communication equipment, with the wireless communication device, Alotcer DTU/ROUTER will unified management and monitoring of all decentralized elevators.

Front end: Without Elevator control system modification, only to communicate with the wireless DTU/ROUTER.

Communication: Traditional elevator monitoring communication generally uses RS485 or cable with the limitations, wireless DTU/ROUTER will replace and make up for these limitations.

Background: Background of the system for all on-site elevator real-time monitoring and management, greatly reducing the investment, improving the efficiency and effectiveness.


System features and advantages

Save manpower and material resources, the elevator monitoring work from heavy to light.

To achieve a 24 – hour uninterrupted monitoring and management, automatically determine whether there is an emergency.

Grasp the operation status of the elevator in real time, estimate the problem of the elevator, carry out maintenance and processing in advance.

As far as possible to reduce the probability of major accidents.


Product model and on-site pic

AR2066 IP Modem

AR2066 IP Modem

Elevator wireless monitoring