2023 IOTE International Internet of Things Exhibition

September 20-22

The IOTE 2023 International Internet of Things Exhibition opened grandly at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center.

As one of the premier events in the IoT industry, Alotcer is fully prepared for this occasion.

Carrying a variety of technological innovations from the company, we were invited to participate.

Thanks to our extensive experience in the 5G AIoT field and profound insights into the industry,

we attracted a large number of exhibitors for engaging discussions.

2023 IOTE International Internet of Things Exhibition
2023 IOTE International Internet of Things Exhibition

2023 Alotcer International IoT Exhibition Venue

Premium wireless connectivity, connecting everything. Alotcer is dedicated to providing highly vertical solutions for various industries within the Internet of Things (IoT) realm. This includes offering professional industrial-grade wireless communication devices, customized software and hardware solutions, and industry-specific solutions, empowering the intelligent transformation with 5G technology.

To enhance interaction and engagement with exhibition attendees, our booth showcases the company’s popular products. These devices incorporate the latest IoT technology, enabling remote control and intelligent networking. Visitors can get a closer look at these devices at the booth, with on-site professionals providing a firsthand experience of Alotcer’s competitive edge within the industry.

Highlights of the Exhibition

Innovation in research and development, coupled with a stellar reputation, has enabled Alotcer to attract a steady stream of visitors who come to inquire and engage, drawn by the superior performance of our products.

During the exhibition, in addition to showcasing our latest company products to visitors, we also provided tailored solutions for the pain points and queries raised by attendees. With years of dedication to the IoT industry, Alotcer boasts a rich portfolio of product applications, spanning areas such as water conservation and environmental informatization, national power grids, industrial IoT, smart cities, intelligent transportation, and precision agriculture. Across these diverse fields, we have accumulated extensive practical experience and professional expertise, enabling us to offer customers more efficient, secure, and reliable services.

These solutions are highly targeted and can meet a wide range of customer needs, receiving high praise and a warm welcome from numerous attendees.

2023 IOTE International Internet of Things Exhibition
2023 IOTE International Internet of Things Exhibition
2023 IOTE International Internet of Things Exhibition
2023 IOTE International Internet of Things Exhibition
2023 IOTE International Internet of Things Exhibition
2023 IOTE International Internet of Things Exhibition

Overview of Selected Exhibition Products

Digital Water Conservation and Environmental Informatization, Driving Sustainable Development


The AltRTU600L, a low-power, small-sized telemetry terminal/data collector/industrial RTU designed by Alotcer, is making its debut at this exhibition. This device is built on cutting-edge 5G technology and complies with the technical requirements of the Ministry of Water Resources. It features multiple industry innovations and robust protocol certification compatibility, enabling 24/7 real-time monitoring of water bodies and ensuring water quality safety. It stably and efficiently monitors hydrological data, providing data support for relevant departments’ early warning and forecasting.

Smart Power, Excellence in the Future

Industrial DTU-AD7028D(T/Z)

The 2-in-1 Industrial DTU-AD7028D(T/Z) simultaneously supports 1 RS232 (or 1 RS485) port, 1 Ethernet LAN port, and 1 Ethernet LAN/WAN interface. It can directly communicate with serial and networked devices, facilitating industrial data transmission. The power grid industry places a strong emphasis on power supply safety and reliability. Through rigorous quality control measures and the utilization of advanced technology, we ensure the provision of dedicated terminal equipment that operates in a stable and efficient manner, ensuring a safe and reliable power environment for you.

Data-Driven Decision-Making, Industrial IoT Leading the Future

Dual 5G Edge Computing Gateway

The Dual 5G Edge Computing Gateway/Industrial CPE-AR7091G/GK supports dual 5G modules, triple-channel hot backup, 1 Gigabit WAN port/optical port, and 4 Gigabit LAN ports. It offers rich interfaces including 2 RS232, 7 RS485, 2.4/5GHz dual-band high-speed WiFi, and optional WiFi 6. The application of industrial IoT can promote transparency and optimization in factory production and supply. By connecting various segments of the product chain through industrial routers, you can gain real-time insights into crucial data. This helps traditional industries break down data barriers and smoothly transition to smart enterprises.

Smart Cities, More Efficient Urban Management


The Internet of Things (IoT) Smart City leverages cutting-edge technology and intelligent devices to provide convenient services to urban residents. The AR7088H, a three-port industrial router, is designed with 3 LAN ports (one of which can be used as a WAN port) and 1 RS232/485 port, making it suitable for remote monitoring applications with large data and traffic transmission requirements. It contributes to achieving more efficient and environmentally friendly urban management. Smart streetlights, intelligent parking spaces, and other initiatives, starting from the details, enhance the quality of the city.

More Scenario Solutions, Addressing User Needs Directly

In a fiercely competitive market environment, understanding and meeting user needs is the key to a company’s success. Scenario solutions are comprehensive and integrated solutions tailored to specific scenarios or user requirements.

As technology advances and market conditions change, user demands will also evolve. Therefore, it’s essential to continuously monitor market dynamics and track changes in user needs in order to make timely adjustments and optimize scenario solutions. Alotcer is committed to gaining a deep understanding of user requirements, designing with the user in mind, and providing comprehensive solutions. We believe that through continuous effort and practice, Alotcer will be able to dynamically align with user needs through scenario solutions, thus maintaining a leading position in the competition.

Alotcer routers

2023 IOTE International Internet of Things Exhibition


The three-day 2023 IOTE International Internet of Things Exhibition is drawing to a close. This participation has been a crucial platform for Alotcer to showcase its brand influence and product technical prowess. It has also provided an excellent opportunity for in-depth collaboration and communication with industry colleagues and both new and old friends. Our commitment has always been to enter the market and get close to customer needs. Each exhibition is an opportunity to absorb more industry information and gain a better understanding of industry trends.

Alotcer’s strides in the IoT industry have never ceased. We would like to express our gratitude to all the industry experts and customers who visited our booth and supported us during these exciting three days. In the days ahead, Alotcer will continue to uphold the spirit of innovation and research and development, maintain a sincere and professional service attitude, and provide even more comprehensive solutions. Together, we will continue to progress!