industrial router

A remote management platform is available on industrial routers that allows you to set the IP address and port of the remote server, the device number and telephone number of the router, etc.


Remote Manage

If you wish to manage the router remotely, you can enable or disable this function.


Server Address

Type the specified login server address you want to use to remotely manage the router, it can be either an IP address or a Domain Name.


Server Port

The specified login server port.


Heartbeat Interval

The heartbeat time interval (Unit: second)


Device Number

Device ID of router.


Device Phone Number

SIM card number inserted in the router.


Device Type

Type of the device, default is the router.


Remote Upgrade

To enable the remote firmware upgrade function, click ‘Enable’.


Server Address

Type the server IP address or Domain Name for the remote upgrade.


Server Port

Type the server port for the remote upgrade.


Firmware Version

Type the firmware version that you want to upgrade remotely.