Industrial Internet of Things

The emergence of the Industrial Internet of Things has enabled the traditional manufacturing industry to greatly improve the production efficiency of factories, reduce energy consumption, reduce production costs, and promote the high-quality development of enterprises from a technical level. With the development of industrial IoT technology, the development of 5G + industrial IoT will be an important direction for the digital and intelligent transformation of the manufacturing industry in the future. We know that monitoring and managing data transfer from workshop production equipment is an important part of this. At present, if it is developed by itself, it is very likely that the research and development force will be insufficient due to high costs and high field failures. Based on this, Alotcer AR7091 industrial remote access gateway assists in the transformation and upgrading of smart factories in the following three aspects.

1. Cost saving and capital advantage

Cost saving and capital advantage

If the traditional manufacturing industry wants to develop its own M2M products, it not only needs to invest a lot in hardware but also needs to develop its own software platform. For personnel and funds, choosing AR7091 means choosing a complete set of IoT systems integrating software, hardware, and cloud platform, which greatly reduces the cost of intelligent transformation of the manufacturing industry, improves the speed of transformation and greatly enhances competitiveness.

2. The transformation from automation to intelligence

The transformation from automation to intelligence

All production activities in the smart factory will be controlled by the automated production integrated system. The production line is equipped with automated production equipment or intelligent robots. After selecting AR7091, the IoT system can automate production according to preset mechanical actions and established production plans, 24 hours of unattended can also complete the target quality and quantity.

3. Digitally Driven Manufacturing

Digitally Driven Manufacturing

The smart factory IoT system, through AR7091 real-time data collection, multi-terminal and multi-role real-time collaboration, big data visual presentation, and deep learning intelligent decision-making, helps production-oriented enterprises to solve the delay in delivery deadlines, inventory backlog, low worker efficiency, and production problems encountered in the production process. Process opacity and other problems, thereby improving productivity, reducing manufacturing costs, opening up information silos, and truly realizing data-driven manufacturing.

Alotcer industrial remote access gateway applied to the topology diagram of the intelligent transformation project of the factory.

Industrial 5G IoT gateways connect IoT devices

The AR7091 product uses an industrial-grade 32-bit communication processor and an industrial-grade wireless module, as well as the embedded operating system as software support, to enable industrial data acquisition and processing applications with low-cost positioning, thus enabling “5G + industrial Internet of Things” to help traditional manufacturing industries upgrade.