Intelligent Distributed Feeder Automation
Solution Background
In practice, most distributed intelligent power distribution systems rely on optical fiber rings for horizontal communication, but their construction costs are high, their material consumption is large, their labor costs are high, and their optical cables may be damaged during construction. At present, this difficulty can be solved by 5G 4G LTE industrial routers.

Solution Introduction
Using 5G 4G LTE industrial routers, smart feeder automatic control can be realized by utilizing the high bandwidth and low delay characteristics of 5G 4G LTE. This will enable GOOSE to exchange data with intelligent distributed distribution terminals in the same power supply circuit to achieve fault location. , isolation and restoration of non-fault areas, greatly reducing the number of fault-free lines, fault-cut areas, and user power-off time, improving the reliability of power supply for users and the security of the power grid.

Solution Value
1. The use of wireless access technology can reduce the material cost and construction cost of the cable, and reduce the consumption of manpower and material resources.
2. Wired/5G conversion makes the network more stable and reduces power outages caused by network failures.
3. The transmission mode of the wireless network can make the connection distance longer, and it is easier to cooperate with the power terminal on site.