With the advent of intelligent transportation, road conditions have been drastically improved. Video surveillance has become an essential component of intelligent transportation, to maintain urban traffic pressure and provide solutions to the problem. During the past 30 years of development, video surveillance was the first to achieve “see,” “see clearly,” after the AI technology to accelerate the third era of technological change following HD and the network.

Analysis from the perspective of product form, artificial intelligence technology to promote front-end cameras, back-end storage devices, and video analysis application platform to achieve comprehensive reform. In terms of function and purpose, video surveillance purpose is also no longer limited to monitoring, recording, and playback of the three major functions, but to character recognition, face recognition, license plate recognition, feature attribute recognition, behavior recognition, and real-time analysis, and other directions. From the perspective of product applications, the previous application of video surveillance is relatively limited to the security market, and with the development and evolution of the basic support layer and technology layer, the tentacles of video surveillance has long reached out to more areas such as intelligent transportation.

Video surveillance for the upgrade of electronic police has played an influential role in promoting the monitoring industry due to the rapid development of technology. Through the application of high-definition technology, the collection of images has been improved in terms of clarity. In comparison to the original electronic police, the new high-definition camera can achieve 360-degree rotation, monitoring the content of red-light signals, lane changes, etc. Including license plate recognition, illegal U-turns, illegal overtakings, etc., as well as dynamic road monitoring, which even the driving driver can see, to fulfill the role of face recognition.

From the application of intelligent analysis, video monitoring is carried out for large public places based on the technology of license plate recognition and face recognition with the goal of autonomous monitoring and early warning. At the same time, the analysis technology represented by perimeter prevention, pedestrian flow statistics, automatic tracking, etc. is used as the basis for video monitoring for road illegal parking, etc.

Industrial router networking wireless video surveillance system

industrial routers for video surveillance

Alotcer 5G/4G industrial wireless router, support 5G/4G, wifi, network port networking, high speed and low latency, industrial grade design software and hardware multiple detection mechanisms for stable operation, rich interfaces and protocols to support multi-device data collection cloud reporting, as the core network equipment to connect the front-end of the video surveillance system and monitoring center, wireless networking deployment is simple and easy to operate.

Wireless video surveillance system industrial router function:
1, Monitoring live cameras, alarms and other networking.
2, Image and video data acquisition and transmission.
3, Docking to monitoring center, remote monitoring, equipment scheduling control.
4, Wireless network, distribution points are not limited, all-round real-time monitoring without dead angle.

Alotcer Industrial Wireless Router Configuration:
1, Support WIFI, 5G/4G, network port and other ways to access the Internet, can be multi-network online at the same time.
2, Support video/image/voice capture.
3, Watchdog detection mechanism, heartbeat link monitoring mechanism, hardware and software multi-level detection to ensure that the device does not work.
4, With serial DTU function, support WAN, LAN, RS232/485, support data acquisition.
5, Support APN/VPDN, support IPSec VPN, L2TP VPN, PPTP VPN, OPEN VPN to ensure secure data transmission.
6, Support MQTT protocol and custom protocol, MODBUS TCP protocol, support mainstream platform docking.
7, Support system status, network connection status, routing status query.
8, Support telnet, web, SSH and other management methods.
9, Support web upgrade, local system log, remote log, serial output log.
10, embedded peanut shell intranet version of the client, support intranet penetration.
11, Support for edge computing.
12, Support OPC UA protocol standard, can industrial equipment remote PLC program update / download.
13, Compatible with Omron, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Delta, MODBUS and other mainstream protocols.
14, Support access to platforms including Ali Cloud/Huawei Cloud/Microsoft/Amazon/Schneider/Siemens, etc.
15, Support communication center entry way to access the third-party platform or customize the third-party protocol.
16, Support user secondary development, use more secure application more flexible.
17, Industrial grade design, EMC indicators up to level 3, waterproof, anti-electromagnetic interference, in line with the outdoor harsh industrial environment conditions of use.

As the car video surveillance to a certain extent can restrain the driver’s behavior, reduce the probability of safety incidents, and fundamentally eliminate the safety hazards of online vehicles. Today, artificial intelligence in the field of algorithms and chips and the cost of the decline, making the commercialization of intelligent monitoring more quickly, compared to foreign manufacturers, domestic terminal manufacturers intelligent terminal supporting a higher degree of customization, in terms of feedback speed and service is faster and more thoughtful, easier to meet the needs of the car factory product development and integration, car video surveillance market in the search for differentiated competition has formed a hundred flowers The market scale continues to grow at a high rate.

It can be seen, whether from the incremental market or the stock market or the technology itself, the market size of car video surveillance will continue to grow at a high rate.