With the rapid development of the national economy, the increasing demand for large equipment, and applications in the world, such as industrial boilers, CNC lathes, medical equipment, and other products. In the global product service, product manufacturers need to remote monitor and management of all external equipment, real-time monitoring the operation state of the equipment, to provide customers with high-quality after-sales service.

Large equipment remot mornitoring

Large equipment services in all world, tracking service is unrealistic.

Because it is professional equipment and in different countries, equipment problems are not easy to be quickly located and solve.

When customer demand changes, the equipment can not be timely operation and upgraded to meet the demand.

Schema diagram

Large equipment remot mornitoring

System Overview

Large equipment has been highly integrated intelligence, with the help of Alotcer GPRS/3G/4G Industrial router, can make the devices and remote systems for intelligent docking, remote management, and service purposes.

Front end: Large equipment has a working host, as long as the host communication port and Alotcer Industrial wireless router are connected,  can be docking with the remote service platform interoperability.

Communications: GPRS/3G/4G networks are basically international, no matter in which country, as long as there is a wireless signal can achieve interoperability of large equipment and remote services.

Background: Management of equipment manufacturers can monitor and control the remote devices through the monitoring and analysis of 24 hours.

System features and advantages

Plc can be monitored and managed without special equipment.

Equipment problems can be found on the monitoring platform and analysis, do not need too much time and communication.

In the event of a temporary change in customer needs, the device can be remotely operated and upgraded.

High-quality industrial equipment with international standard network standard universal is stable and reliable.

Product model and on-site pic

AD2066 Cellular IP Modem

AD2066 Cellular IP Modem

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