AR7091 Industrial IoT Gateway

🔸5G 🔸4G 🔸5 LAN 🔸ModBus RTU/TCP 🔸VPN Channel

👉 Gigabit Ethernet port, Dual-band WIFI, Optional dual-mode 5G
👉 Python & SDK (Python 2.7/C) for secondary development
👉 OPCUA protocol and MODBUS protocol conversion
👉 Supports Microsoft AZURE, Amazon AWS


Highly Reliable Connectivity


Multiple means of Internet access are offered by the AR7091, including globally ubiquitous 5G, 4G LTE, Ethernet and Wi-Fi.


AR7091 Industrial Gateway


Python Custom Development Platform


AR7091 is embedded with support of the Python development platform, customers may custom develop applications to meet own application requirements.


AR7091 Industrial Gateway


Compatible with Multiple Industrial Protocols


AR7091 is compatible with a rich selection of mainstream industrial real-time Ethernet protocols and fieldbuses, including: therNet/IP (ControlLogix), EtherNet/IP (MicroLogix), Modbus TCP Master/ Slave, Modbus RTU Master/ Slave, OPC UA Client/ Server, IEC 104 Server etc.


AR7091 Industrial Gateway


Multiple industrial cloud solutions


The AR7091 Industrial edge gateway supports Microsoft AZURE, Amazon AWS and Schneider EcoStruxure cloud platforms, providing customers from various industries with more solutions.

AR7091 with multiple industrial cloud solutions


Complete Security Protection


AR7091 a complete security protection solution, including encryption technology to protect data transmission, firewalls to protect network security, and the user hierarchical authorization mechanism to ensure secure device access.

AR7091 industrial gateway


Industrial-grade Design


Wide range of robust routers for harsh and extreme environments. For harsh environments. Robust Industrial Data. Range to meet all demands. Networking made easy.


Fit into Any Harsh Environment

Items Contents
Industrial Design High-powered industrial cellular module
High-powered industrial 32bits CPU
Housing: iron, providing IP30 protection.
Power range: DC 9~35V
High Reliability Support hardware and software WDT
Support auto recovery mechanism to make router always online
Ethernet port: 1.5KV magnetic isolation protection
RS232/RS485 ports:15KV ESD protection
SIM/UIM port: 15KV ESD protection
Power port: reverse-voltage and over voltage protection
Antenna port: lightning protection(optional)
Standard and Convenience Support standard WAN port and PPPOE protocol that can connect to ADSL directly
Support standard RS232(or RS485/RS422), Ethernet and WIFI port that can connect to serial, Ethernet and WIFI devices directly
Support several work modes
Support intellectual mode, enter into communication state automatically when powered
Convenient configuration and maintenance interface (WEB or CLI)
Supports Fixed ear and 35mm Din-rail mounting
High-performance and Security Support multiple WAN access methods, including static IP, DHCP, PPPOE, 2.5G/3G/4G/5G.
Support double link backup between 2.5G/3G/4G/5G and WAN (optional).
Support VPN client(PPTP, L2TP, IPSEC and GRE)(only for VPN version).
Support remote management, SYSLOG, SNMP, TELNET, SSH, HTTPS, etc.
Support local and remote firmware upgrade,import and export configure file.
Support NTP, RTC embedded.
Support multiple DDNS provider service.
Support MAC address cloning.
WIFI support 802.11b/g/n. support AP, client. (optional)
WIFI support WEP,WPA,WPA2 encryption. (optional)
Support multiple online trigger ways, including SMS, ring and data.
Support link disconnection when timeout.
Support APN/VPDN.
Support VRRP link backup
Support multiple DHCP server and DHCP client, DHCP binding MAC address, DDNS, Firewall, NAT, DMZ host, QoS, traffic statistics, real-time display data transfer rate etc.
Support IoT protocol MQTT client and server (support CA)
Support industrial control OPCUA protocol and MODBUS protocol conversion
Support Python secondary development platform (Python3)
Support TCP/IP, UDP, FTP(optional), HTTP, etc.
Supports SPI firewall, VPN pass-through, access control, URL filtering,etc.
Support local log storage.
Support GPS (optional).
Support two SIM/UIM card(optional).
Support dual 4G/5G module (optional)
Hardware System CPU Industrial 32 bits CPU
FLASH 16MB (Extendable to 64MB)
Interface Serial 1 RS232(or RS485/RS422) port, 15KV ESD protection
Data bits: 5, 6 ,7, 8
Stop bits: 1, 1.5(optional), 2
Parity: none, even, odd, space(optional), mark(optional)
Baud rate: 2400~115200 bps
WAN 1 Gigabit WAN port(RJ45), auto MDI/MDIX, 1.5KV magnetic isolation protection
LAN 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports(RJ45), auto MDI/MDIX, 1.5KV magnetic isolation protection
Antenna Cellular: Standard SMA female interface, 50 ohm
WIFI: Standard SMA male interface, 50 ohm
GPS(optional):Standard SMA female interface, 50 ohm
SIM/UIM Standard 3V/1.8V user card interface, 15KV ESD protection
Power Standard 3-PIN power jack, reverse-voltage and over voltage protection
Reset Press this key for 8 seconds to restore the router to its original factory default settings
Indicator “Signal strength”、”PWR”、”RUN”、”SIM”、”Online”、”LAN1″、”LAN2″、”LAN3” 、”LAN4″、”WAN”、”APP”、”WIFI2.4″、”WIFI5.8″、”GPS”(optional)、”SIM2″(optional)
Network Wireless Network 5G NR SA/NSA:n1/2/3/5/7/8/12/20/28/41/66/71/ 77/78/79
CDMA2000 1x/ EVDO Rev. A:800/1900MHz
LAN Support APR
Network Authentication Support CHAP/PAP Authentication
Network Access Support APN/VPDN
IP Applications Support Ping、Trace、DHCPServer 、DHCP Relay、 DHCP Client、DNS relay、DDNS 、Telnet
IP Routing Support static routing
GPS (optional) Receiver Type 50-channle
GPS L1(1575.42MHz) C/A code
Max. update rate 5 Hz
Accuracy Position: 2.5m CPE
SBAS: 2.0m CPE
Acquisition Cold starts: 32S
Warm starts: 32S
Aided starts: <1S
Hot starts: <3S
Sensitivity Tracking: -160dBm
Reacquisition: -160dBm
Cold starts: -146dBm
Timing accuracy RMS: 30ns
99%: <60ns
Granularity: 21ns
Time pulse Configurable, 0.25 to 1000Hz
WIFI (optional) Standard IEEE802.11b/g/n,2.4G support AP and Station mode
IEEE802.11ac,5.8G support AP and Station mode
Bandwidth IEEE802.11b/g: 54Mbps (max)
IEEE802.11n: 300Mbps (max)
IEEE802.11ac: 866Mbps (max)
Security WEP, WPA, WPA2, etc. WPS (optional)
Power supply Power range DC 9~35V (12VDC recommended)
Consumption1 390mA (@12VDC) (One Module) ①
Consumption2 580mA @12VDC (Dual Module)
Max current <1200mA @12VDC(Dual Module 5G)
Physical Dimensions 186.8×120.2x28mm
Weight 720g
Environmental Limits Operating Temperature -35~+75ºC (-31~+167℉)
Storage Temperature -40~+85ºC (-40~+185℉)
Operating Humidity 95% ( unfreezing)