The city’s industrial production, construction sites, entertainment facilities, and other facilities generated noise spread in every corner, often causing serious interference and impact on the lives of the vast number of residents.

The restriction of noise pollution is as follows:

Noise interference is short, discontinuous, and difficult to obtain evidence.

There are so many noise sources that it is difficult for each person to be on duty.

It is difficult to execute the law rationally at different times and standards.

Schema Diagram

Noise Wireless monitoring

System Overview

A noise monitor is placed in a region where noise may be generated, and a noise monitor can accurately detect real-time noise parameters for 24 hours. The detection instrument is connected with the Alotcer Industrial wireless router, monitoring center in the office can be real-time on-site monitoring of all monitoring points and save the data, the noise pollution can be proved to the powerful data management and law enforcement.

System features and advantages

24 hours of continuous monitoring, as long as the noise pollution, it will immediately issue an early warning.

No man on duty, let violations nowhere to hide.

Scientific configuration and analysis of monitoring center, reasonable analysis, and collection of different periods.

Industrial grade communications equipment, adapted to extreme weather, stable and reliable.

It is compact and easy to install, which makes the installation and debugging efficiently.

The utility model has the advantages of low cost and flexible networking, can increase and reduce the distribution of the front terminal station at any time, and has no influence on other substations.

Product model and on-site pic

AR7000 Industrial wireless router

AR7000 Industrial Router


Noise Wireless monitoring

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