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If you are looking for a great industrial router this is it. Convenient to mount either using the DIN rail adapter or mounting tabs. Another nice thing is the removable power connection. Should you have to replace the router you can easily unplug the power and switch the unit. I’ve been using this with model for quite some time (more than 20 purchases) and have been pleased with it.


By Laurie D.

The industrial router all in all was a good buy. We are using it in a water treatment facility for a plc and Scada system to go over Ethernet/ip. The switch itself works great. However, some of the parts seem cheaply made, but even at that- have had no problems with anything breaking or not working. So, for the money and the amount saved on this item compared to others, I will be buying again!


By Matt R.

It’s very easy to install and use, it has its own DHCP, internal VPN settings, 2 SIM cards (I’m using with 1 ATT), has many settings to change, has WiFi. Real industrial router monster. I have my own dhcp server but this modem now running as permanent service while ATT making fiber connection, and it’s running with 170 machines, DVR with 16 camera, Remote Desktop on server and off course server 24/7. Using it for few weeks, everything is good.


By Luke M.

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