Most of the traditional oil field acquisition depends on the timing of the manual inspection to check the data acquisition and operation of the equipment, with the development of the number and size of oil fields, there are many problems.

Scattered, large quantities, are in remote areas.

Manual search workload, low efficiency, high personnel costs.

Equipment parameters and status can not be summarized in time, the impact on production management.


Schema diagram

Oil well Wireless monitoring

System Overview

Oil field monitoring system of Alotcer 3G Industrial Router wireless network can meet the managers observe through the system at any time based on the production condition of an oil well, thus the maintenance of wells, distribution, change the parameters and a series of reasonable allocation.

Front end: Existing oil well control box system and Alotcer 3G Router for communication docking.

Background: Oil management platform through the Internet to control all oil fields.


System features and advantages

The original scattered far away from the oil field through the Internet for unified management.

Hardly need manual to on-site inspection of oil equipment one by one.

Greatly improve the efficiency of oil field management and resource allocation, reduce maintenance costs and improve production efficiency.


Product model and on-site pic

AR7000 Industrial Router

AR7000 Industrial Router