Easy to buy a car, parking is difficult, has become the driver saying. Construction of intelligent parking lot guidance system to vigorously optimize the traffic system, make full and effective use of parking spaces. Parking information is issued through the LED screen, with the help of Alotcer GPRS/4G Industrial router.

Schema Diagram

Parking guidance system

System Overview  

Each car has a detector to detect whether there is a car parked, parking lot unit control box connected to a certain area of the detector parking management by wire. The interior of the control box is connected with a GPRS/3G/4G/5G router, the data analysis of parking spaces will be real-time information via the Internet to the same connected LED display, so that owners know parking spaces.

Front end: Each independent control unit is responsible for collecting the status of parking spaces, the external LED screen is responsible for display information. Both of equipped with Alotcer GPRS/3G router, with a wireless network to achieve synchronous information exchange.

Communication: Alotcer Wireless Industrial router connects the front-end control box, LED screen, control center to achieve network data synchronization.

Background: Parking control box information is collected and analyzed, converted into effective data sent to the LED screen through the Internet, thus achieving an efficient and intelligent parking guidance system.


System features and advantages

The problem of the control center to the LED screen is solved, and the networking is convenient.

The device interface is universal, plug and play.

Wide network coverage, stable signal, flexible and convenient.

High industrial grade design, strong anti-interference, and reliability.


Product model and on-site pic

AR7000 Industrial Router

AR7000 Industrial Router



Parking guidance system