The scale and output of national industry are continuously increasing, but the pollution emission problem is becoming more and more prominent. Sustainable development has put forward new requirements for industrial production. But many companies still emission of pollutants, a huge number of different places, depending on the human tracking inspection is almost impossible, the establishment of automatic monitoring of pollution sources station has become a feasible and effective solution, 5G/3G/4G wireless network based on the comprehensive promotion of implementation.

Schema Diagram

Pollution sources Wireless monitoring

System Overview

Pollution source monitoring station will collect and store the sewage pollution, harmful gases, noise, and other data, through the 5G/3G/4G wireless network and monitoring center for environmental protection, to provide effective and reliable discharge data.

Front end: Pollution source monitoring station collect the indicators and parameters of the spot through sensors and monitors the host to be responsible for data arrangement and storage. Communication: The monitoring host is connected to the Alotcer 5G/4G Industrial Router and sent data through the wireless network to the environmental monitoring center.
Background: Environmental monitoring center connect the Alotcer industrial router, realize the site all the unified management of pollution source monitoring station, conduct effective real-time monitoring on the enterprise sewage behavior.


System features and advantages

Free of geographical constraints, wireless signals can detect pollution emissions anywhere.

The network is flexible and compatible and can adapt to different kinds of pollution source monitoring systems.

Easy to install, make the installation and debugging efficiently.

The standardized interface, plug, and play be used as a mobile inspection station for network applications.


Product model and on-site pic

AR7000 5G/4G Industrial Router

AR7000 Industrial Router



Pollution sources Wireless monitoring

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