A self-service payment machine provides great convenience and simple operation for people’s daily life. Self-service payment machine and data center network connected by industrial 3G/4G router. Rely on the 3G/4G industrial router’s stable and reliable features, the self-service payment machine works without geographical and space constraints, to maximize meet people’s needs.


Schema Diagram

Self-service payment machine

System Overview

A self-service payment machine is placed in the residential area, mainly to provide daily water, coal, electricity, the net cost of the query, and payment. There is a 3G/4G Industrial router in the payment machine to provide a payment center for data exchange and synchronization.

Front end: Self-service payment machine 24 hours online with the 3G/4G router network, people could go to the implementation and operation.

Communication: 3G/4G Industrial wireless router connect the Internet to provide a network channel for self-service payment machine.

Background: Payment center system to achieve network interoperability with the front end of the self-service payment machine through the Internet, data, and operations are synchronous.


System features and advantages

The interface is standard, plug and play.

Strong signal reception, strong anti-interference ability.

IPsec VPN data encryption, safe and reliable.

Small size, interface standard, convenient installation, and maintenance.


Product model and on-site pic

AR7000 Industrial Router

AR7000 Industrial Router

Self-service payment machine