More and more people consumer credit card, credit card is convenient, no need for a large amount of cash. The mall takes the POS machine business, with Alotcer 3G/4G wireless Industrial router, the market of each POS can be a very good docking with UnionPay system, makes the market operations more smooth and efficient.


Schema Diagram

Shopping Mall POS wireless network

System Overview

A plurality of POS machines in the mall connects the Alotcer industrial 3G/4G router via cable or WIFI, the Industrial router works with APN SIM Card and VPN to make the reliable communication between POS mall with the bank system.

Front end: POS machines establish a local network via WIFI or cable when connecting the Alotcer industrial wireless router.

Communication: 3G/4G industrial router works with APN SIM card and VPN encryption service to connect with the bank system.

Background: Bank system connect with the front-end wireless router, to achieve data synchronization with the mall POS machines.


System features and advantages

Support wire, WIFI Sync local network, resource sharing.

High industrial grade design, stable and reliable.

Support the operators of the APN networks, with various types of VPN data encryption.

Unified network channel to reduce POS operating costs.


Product model and on-site pic

AR7088 Industrial router

AR7088 Industrial Router

Shopping Mall POS wireless network