The supermarket headquarters need to conduct unified management of the operation of the supermarket chains, the supply of goods, promotions, and other information. The POS terminals, self-service terminals, and other equipment complete the chain store and the headquarters of the data sharing. Alotcer 3G/4G industrial wireless router provides network communication support for terminal chain stores.


Schema Diagram

Supermarket chain wireless network

System Overview

The supermarket chain POS machine, self-service terminal data synchronization via Alotcer 3G/4G router. The supermarket headquarters could real-time monitoring of the chain store, display advertising, through interactive kiosks and customers preferential information, interactive games, membership card management, improve the management of the chain store and service items.

Front end: POS machine, self-service terminal equipment is the main device in a Chain supermarket,  connect supermarket headquarters system with 3G/4G industrial wireless router.

Communication: 3G/4G industrial wireless router is responsible for the front of the network, to achieve communication of front-end equipment and remote center system.

Background: Supermarket headquarters system for unified management of the supermarket chain around the terminal system through the Internet, the relevant data are synchronized the front-end system.


System features and advantages

The interface is standard, plug and play.

Strong signal reception, strong anti-interference ability.

IPsec VPN data encryption, safe and reliable.

Small size, interface standard, convenient installation, and maintenance.


Product model and on-site pic

AR7000 Industrial Router

AR7000 Industrial Router

Supermarket chain wireless network