AR7088H industrial 5g touter

In layman’s terms, transmissions are transparent transfers. The data needs to be transferred to the destination node with quality assurance and the data does not need to be processed. Pass-through is usually used to read remote serial data. For example, a train station needs to swipe ID information to enter, but the ID information database cannot be placed near every train station. At this time, 4G industrial router can transmit the data collection to the train station proofreading platform to compare with the physical ID card.

What are the benefits of 4G industrial router transmissions?
1. Real and valid. Validates data to its destination in its original form and based on the original data. Transmitted data does not require any further processing, ensuring that there will be no deviations in the transmission of field data and that the data is authentic and correct.

2. Easy to use and convenient. Raw data can be transmitted without any restrictions imposed by protocols. All data transmitted may reach the final destination node.

Security factors of 4G industrial routers.
The security of 4G industrial router is like a guard that protects the heart to work properly and ensures the normal use and transmission of the industrial router. For example, 4G industrial router adopts high-performance core and metal shell protection levels. Power-support-end power supply, support 9 ~ 16V voltage range, provide a variety of protection, support anti-reverse connection, anti-surge, anti-static protection, industrial control site is easy to use.