The self-service ticket machine is widely used with great convenience to people, also greatly eases the airport, train station, bus station, and ticket office pressure. At present not only in the airport, station but residential, the office also deployed self-service ticketing machines, applications based on a 3G/4G wireless network, the self-service ticketing function of a more comprehensive range of services for everyone.

Schema Diagram

Ticket vending machine

System Overview

The self-service ticket machine system is connected with Alotcer 3G/4G industrial wireless router for communication with the ticketing center, ticketing center synchronizes data and monitoring of the front-end equipment through the Internet.

Front end: Self-service ticket machine is an independent computer-connected 3G/4G Industrial router to synchronize data with the ticketing center.

Communication: Ticketing system requirement real-time data, the 3G/4G router can adapt to a variety of operating environments, stable and efficient.

Background: The ticket center carries out unified management and data synchronization to all self-service ticket machines at the front end.

System features and advantages

The interface is standard, plug and play.

Strong signal reception, strong anti-interference ability.

Industrial grade communication mechanism.

Small size, interface standard, convenient installation, and maintenance.

Product model and on-site pic

AR7000 Industrial Router

AR7000 Industrial Router

Ticket vending machine