The number of vehicles has increased rapidly, and traffic accidents have also increased, so new requirements have been put forward for urban road management. It is feasible to increase the snapshot monitoring point. At present, there are the following situations:

It is not appropriate to pull the fiber apart.

A large number of investigations and management difficulties.

It is difficult to construct through a wired network, and the operation cost is high.


Schema Diagram

Traffic violation snapshot by wireless

System Overview

Snapshot system is mainly composed of a capture machine, lights, and other components, to capture the machine connected by cable with Alotcer 3G/4G wireless router, will capture images through the 3G/4G wireless network for real-time transmission to the traffic police department, so police system unified monitoring and management.

Front end: Existing cameras are connected with Alotcer 3G/4G Industrial Router, plug, and play.

Communications: 3G/4G wireless Industrial Router sends pictures to the traffic police system through high-speed wireless networks.

Backstage: The traffic police system carries on the reorganization analysis to the picture which sends back at the scene, carries on the processing to the corresponding violation behavior.


System features and advantages

It solves the problem of networking and is not restricted by geographical conditions.

Manage and monitor the field equipment by wireless.

Wireless wiring, low operating costs.

High industrial grade design, cold and high temperature resistant, stable and reliable.


Product model and on-site pic

AR7000 Industrial Router

AR7000 Industrial Router


Traffic violation snapshot by wireless