Conventional serial port devices and interfaces such as RS485/RS232 have been widely used in the daily life of enterprises. However, due to the use of conventional networking and project implementation schemes, problems such as line damage, wiring difficulties, and difficulty in implementation often occur. In order to solve the above problems, Alotcer has developed the 5G industrial wireless gateway CPE. This gateway has the characteristics of strong practicability, high transmission efficiency, stable and reliable performance, and uses the embedded operating system as the software support platform. 4 Gigabit Ethernet LANs, 1 RS232/RS485 (optional) interface and 2.4G/5.8G WIFI interface, can connect serial devices, Ethernet devices and WIFI devices at the same time, which can meet the needs of industrial field communication.

The 5G industrial wireless gateway CPE can transparently transmit the Modbus protocol to the server through the LoRaWAN wireless network. This enables the transformation and upgrading of the wired network into a wireless network.

Alotcer’s 5G industrial iot gateway AR7091 has strong penetration ability and a long transmission range. It can reach a coverage range of 1km-15km in an open environment, and can also provide strong coverage in the complex environment of the Internet of Things/industrial site.

Introduction to 5G CPE Application Solution
Alotcer 5G Industrial CPE can provide data collection for various types of RS485 sensors. The industrial gateway can convert RS485 data into LoRaWAN, and then the Alotcer 5G gateway CPE transmits the data to the cloud server. Alotcer’s 5G gateway CPE can realize bidirectional transmission so that the cloud server can actively send data to RS485/RS232.

1. Typical application scenario: smart computer room

smart computer room
Alotcer 5G industrial CPE transmits real-time monitoring of air conditioners, UPS/battery monitoring, temperature and humidity monitoring, smoke, lighting control, water leakage detection, access control, closed-circuit monitoring, fire monitoring and other real-time data to Alotcer’s 5G gateway CPE. Data is transmitted to the IoT cloud platform for network monitoring, real-time monitoring, storage, output, and centralized management. Remote operation and maintenance can also be performed without being on duty.

2. Typical Application Scenario: Smart Factory Safety Monitoring

Smart Factory Safety Monitoring
Alotcer’s 5G industrial gateway can monitor factory ambient temperature, humidity, power consumption, acid-based leakage, fuel leakage, toxic gas monitoring, abnormal firefighting facilities, etc. Monitoring data is transmitted in real-time to the IoT cloud through the Alotcer 5G gateway CPE platform. When any abnormal situation occurs, various forms of alarms such as SMS, APP, and email will be used to warn of existing security risks. In addition, timely measures will be taken to prevent security accidents. Additionally, users have the option to independently choose various solutions to enable intelligent and automatic control of IoT devices, monitoring, early warning and alarming. This allows them to enable maintenance whenever and wherever they need it.

The Alotcer 5G industrial gateway CPE used in the above two scenarios supports wireless networks and saves wiring costs. Alotcer’s IoT cloud platform has large-capacity storage space, which can realize end-to-end industrial field data acquisition and control.

Alotcer 5G industrial gateway is designed with low power consumption, long life, and two-way data transmission. It can provide accurate real-time data collection. The industrial gateway CPE is widely used and is usually used in various industrial automation control system application scenarios. These scenarios include computer rooms, agriculture, communities, airports, parks, offices, warehouses, machinery, fire protection, petrochemical, construction, electricity, transportation etc.