The number and size are very large for Winter heating supply, so unreasonable and not timely treatment of winter heating problems will have a great impact, the current heating system has the following characteristics:

Heating equipment is large and scattered, unable to be centralized Management.

The need for manual inspection, engineering, and property often mutual shirk and complain because of problems.

Schema diagram

Urban heating monitoring


System Overview

The existing heating system control board for the collection and control of the indicators of the system, the 4G DTU/ Industrial Router connects the control board, to achieve the interoperability of data control board and heating monitoring center platform, realize the huge base of heating equipment centralized management.

Front end: Controller carries on the target collection and the control to each heating system, usually connects with the monitoring center via the wired.

Communication: Industrial wireless data terminal Alotcer DTU replaces the wired connection, and connects with the monitoring center through the GPRS/3G network.

Background: Monitoring center unified monitoring and management of all heating equipment via internet.


System features and advantages

A large number of the heating equipment, through the Internet, can be unified monitoring and management, high efficiency, controllable.

Monitor the operation of the equipment in real-time to ensure the normal heating of the residents.

No manual inspection is required to reduce workload and cost.

The equipment is compact, simple, and easy to install and maintain.


Product model and on-site pic

AR7000 Industrial Router

AR7000 Industrial Router


Urban heating monitoring