The distribution of the pipe network is wide, quantity is large, distance is remote and the traffic is inconvenient.

Laying a communication line is difficult, costly, and difficult to maintain.

The information is not comprehensive and unified and the inspection management is difficult and inefficient.


Schema diagram

Water supply network Monitoring

System Overview

The PLC and Alotcer DTU/ Industrial Router are connected by serial port (232/485) to realize data communication, DTU connects with the monitoring center through the Internet, thus realizing the data exchange between the server and the PLC.

Terminals: The front end is generally monitored and controlled by various PLC acquisition and sensing devices without any changes.

Communication: The industrial-grade wireless data transmission terminal DTU replaces the traditional telephone line, optical fiber, 485 bus, and so on.

Background: The background is generally configured software or PLC supporting software, which remains the same.


System features and advantages

Centralized management, low cost, high efficiency.

High specification industrial grade, stable and reliable performance.

Small size, easy to install, and easy to operate.

It can configure and modify parameters remotely, and it is easy to maintain.

Where the mobile phone signal is located, the monitoring and management of the pipe network fulcrum can be realized without wiring.


Product model and on-site pic

AR7088 Industrial Router

AR7088 Industrial Router


Water supply network Monitoring