What is the Industrial Edge Computing Gateway CPE?
Industrial edge computing gateway CPE is an industrial-grade intelligent gateway, which can also be called industrial IoT gateway, data acquisition gateway, PLC wireless gateway according to the requirements of industrial standards and industrial applications, and is an intelligent embedded network device that can collect data from industrial equipment and connect to the cloud platform. It supports data acquisition, protocol parsing, edge computing, remote data transmission over 4G/5G/WIFI/limited networks, etc., and connection to an industrial cloud platform.

What are the advantages of 5G Industrial Edge Computing Gateway CPE?
1. Data Acquisition
Applied to industries such as smart city, and smart agriculture, IoT technology has a large number of data collection problems, so how to analyze complicated device protocols and overcome knowledge barriers is the biggest obstacle in engineering implementation. 5G industrial edge computing gateway CPE has strong protocol exchange capabilities and can well adapt to the data collection requirements of most devices on the market today. CPE can be used for remote monitoring and control. It realizes remote monitoring and maintenance of equipment, enabling technicians to have full access at different locations, greatly improving the efficiency of monitoring and maintenance, effectively saving maintenance costs, and monitoring and troubleshooting mechanical failures in advance.

2. Remote Transmissions
Packaging machines, printing presses, dynamic balancing machines and other kinds of automation equipment throughout the country and even the world, providing equipment manufacturers with great after-sales service. Often, engineers must travel to the customer’s site to perform customer maintenance, which is very costly; they cannot understand the equipment conditions on-site in time to solve the problem and meet customer requirements. With the 5G Industrial Edge Computing Gateway CPE, users can access a maintenance report for remote diagnosis of PLCs and touch screens, and keep track of their maintenance status.

3. Edge Computing
Massive data transfer to the cloud with lower privacy, higher network bandwidth and higher cloud computing pressure; specific protocols for dedicated devices, difficulty in accessing information; difficulty in connecting in multiple directions. With the 5G Industrial Edge Computing Gateway CPE, a single data operation is achieved, embedding business processing logic into the box and reducing the burden of cloud computing; supporting Python scripting programs, user-defined north-south protocols, customized business process logic, flexible access to dedicated devices, and seamless connectivity to multiple systems.

4. Open Protocol
When users use MES, configuration software, or have built their own IoT cloud platform, they do not need to specifically design complex communication protocols, they can use the 5G Industrial Edge Computing Gateway CPE to achieve rapid collection of device data. Among them, there are 5G Industrial Edge Computing Gateway CPE, South-North Open Protocol, HTTP, MQTT, Aliyun MQTT, Modbus, OPC UA, etc.

5. Remote lockout
In equipment sales, customers pay in installments and fail to pay on time, affecting the operation of the company and customer relations; in equipment rental contracts, users pay according to the use of the equipment, production, etc., and cannot grasp the status of the equipment, production, and other use conditions, affecting collection. In addition, CPE is an accessory for equipment, which has the role of anti-demolition; users cannot pay on time and can be locked remotely; the operation status of leased equipment is tracked in real time, and shipments of equipment are automatically counted, so that the usage status of equipment can be understood in time.

6. Discontinued transmission
5G Industrial Edge Computing Gateway CPE has strong network connectivity and can be used both indoors and outdoors. However, in real life, problems such as wifi drops, IoT card traffic exhaustion, and loose wired mesh inevitably occur. 5G Industrial Edge Computing Gateway CPE has the ability to disconnect and continue to work during disconnection. It also transfers all data to the system during disconnection to ensure no data loss.

AR7091 Industrial IoT Gateway

Alotcer 5G industrial edge computing gateway CPE has all the above features, can be configured remotely, and is easy to use. There are many applications for it, including environmental protection, water, energy, production lines, etc. It can meet most of the industrial equipment IoT requirements.

1. 5G, Gigabit network port, 2.4/5G dual-band WIFI, optional dual-mode 5G dual SIM dual standby
2. secondary development | provide python environment, to meet the demand for independent secondary development applications, flexible expansion
3. MQTT | Support MQTT protocol and Huawei / Ali / Telecom / Mobile and other mainstream IOT Internet of Things platform
4. MODBUS | Meet the industrial control OPCUA protocol and MODBUS protocol conversion
5. VPN networking powerful VPN networking functions, PPTP, L2TP, OPENVPN, IPSEC, GRE, GRETAP
6. security | advanced security protection, support SPI firewall, VPN traversal, access control, URL filtering, VLAN and other functions
7. 5G | wired + dual-mode 5G + VRRP three-level link hot backup, financial-grade communication link redundancy design
8. public-private integration | support the national grid public-private integration, hardware encryption, network encryption and other special applications
9. Powerful computing power | High-performance power-class system solution, providing strong edge computing power, measured to meet -40 ~ +80ºC application scenarios
10. remote operation and maintenance | Powerful cloud management platform and remote operation and maintenance system, so that the project operation is easy and fast

Physically connecting equipment to the 5G Industrial Edge Computing Gateway CPE is the first step in enterprise digitalization, and the edge computing technology of 5G Industrial Edge Computing Gateway CPE can help enterprises further improve the operation and management efficiency of the equipment. The 5G Industrial Edge Computing Gateway CPE is often combined with IoT middleware and industrial IoT cloud platforms to provide enterprises with comprehensive industrial IoT solutions and empower them to seize the opportunity of digital transformation.