What can Industrial Cellular Gateways do for the smart grid?

In order to promote the combination of 5G and smart grid, the “5G Application “Sail” Action Plan” was officially released. The plan points out that in the electric power industry, it is necessary to solve key technologies in 5G, such as time delay, timing accuracy, security guarantee, etc., and build a 5G integrated power communication management support system and edge computing platform on this basis. Alotcer’s Industrial Cellular Gateways can be used in the power industry, Realize the operation and maintenance of power generation equipment, power distribution automation, monitoring of transmission lines/substations, collection of power consumption information, Visualization of the power generation stage, intelligent control of the power distribution stage, unmanned monitoring of the power transmission and transformation stage, and real-time collection in the power consumption stage.

Combined with the current power supply situation, Cellular Gateways can help realize intelligent power monitoring. Effective use of related products can reduce labor intensity, improve efficiency, expand coverage, and digitally display monitoring results, which is of great significance to improving the safety, stability, and efficiency of power grid operation.


5G edge computing gateway

makes full use of its applications in power information collection, distribution network status detection, smart home and other fields to improve power utilization and provide customers with more power services. Based on 5G technology, the power grid company can monitor the real-time load of users in a timely manner, realize the two-way interaction between the power company and users, and provide effective power services for users according to their energy needs.

Electricity serves society, and 5G empowers development. Industrial Gateways can accelerate the development of smart grids. In the future, we also believe that 5G+ networks will expand our imagination and have more application scenarios in the market.