Alotcer industrial router

Many people believe that all routers are similar. In reality, this is not true. In this article, we will share the difference between industrial router and Home router to you.

1. The Industrial routers cost is higher than Home router

Whether it is a home router, a business router, or an industrial router, each type is different. Generally, industrial routers cost several times as much as home routers, which is the most obvious difference.

2. The Industrial Routers are widely used in IoT applications

Industrial Router is mainly used in smart transportation, environmental monitoring, security monitoring, smart grid and Industrial Automation, industrial data transmission, Retail, water industry, and The Home router is mainly for home applications.

3. Wide range of robust industrial routers for harsh and extreme environments.

Industrial Router supports -30 ℃ + 75 ℃ wide temperature applications. The home router only supports 0 ~ 55 ℃ temperature. Industrial routers are required to have a wide range of functionalities, including fast response time, port mapping, VPN, firewall, and electrostatic protection. An Alotcer Industrial Router is a rugged device for connecting two or more networks to transmit signals only to the appropriate ports. Using the Router, you can translate between standard Ethernet and Industrial Ethernet, wireless and wired interfaces, or Ethernet and Fieldbus communication protocols.

4. The difference in components

Routers designed for industrial use are ruggedly constructed to withstand harsh conditions. For example, the components used in Alotcer industrial routers are industrial-grade devices. The industrial router cannot be referred to as industrial grade if one of its components does not meet the requirements. The components of industrial routers also need to have good high temperature and low-temperature characteristics.

In contrast, Home routers do not have the same requirements for components as industrial routers, so when faced with some harsh working environments, home routers will not meet the standard.

5. The difference in stability

In general, home routers do not offer the high stability of industrial routers. Alotcer Industrial Routers provide reliable, secure communications for IoT systems, and signals are stable even in harsh environments. There will be frequent disconnections, an unstable signal, excessive heat, and so on if the home router is working for a long time.

Besides the points mentioned above, you will find many differences between industrial routers and home routers, but both industrial users and home users should select their routers based on their specific needs.